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KZKT » 7426 / 74262 / 74263

KZKT 7426 was a tractor of the third generation, developed by KZKT based on MAZ 537 chassis. The first 7426 with a load on the fifth wheel was created in 1978 and could work in a combination with a GCVW of up to 94.2 tonnes. Technically it was very similar to MAZ 537G with a winch, but differed by a new engine and twin row cabin from MAZ-545. The new tractor was fitted with a turbocharged D12AN-650 V12 diesel with an output of 650 hp. Transmission and suspensions got minor changes. The second new feature was a welded twin row closed cabin with 6-7 seats, flat front mask and 3-piece windshield. Curb weight of KZKT 7426 was increased by 2 tonnes (up to 24.2 tonnes) compared to MAZ 537G. GVW raised by 1.5 tonnes (up to 51.2 tonnes). Overall dimensions - 9840x2880x2970 mm. Maximum speed was increased from 60 to 65 kph. Fuel consumption - 108 liters per 100 km. Range with additional fuel tanks - 1760 km. After government tests 650-hp KZKT 7426 was recomended for service. In 1984-87, two updated tractors were presented - KZKT 74262 and KZKT 74263. The 74262 was a future development of the base 7426 with a winch, while the 74263 was a lighter version without a winch and lower by 5 tonnes (up to 46 tonnes) GVW.

7426 / 74262 / 742637426 / 74262 / 742637426 / 74262 / 742637426 / 74262 / 74263
KZKT 7426 prototypeKZKT 7426 prototypeKZKT 7426KZKT 7426

MAZ » 545 / 545A

In 1969, KZKT made two prototypes - a semi tractor MAZ 545 and ballast tractor MAZ-545A. Both were based on a chassis of MAZ 537. Later, in 1973, they got a new 4-door 8-seats cabin. In the mid 1970s an updated cabin was presented with additional protection and a flat front mask. The main technical feature of MAZ 545 trucks was a new multifuel V-38 V12 turbocharged engine rated at 650 hp. It replaced the old D-12A diesel. The second feature was a new 4-speed gearbox. The tractor version used to work as a part of a combination with GCVW up to 90,8 tonnes and was very similar to MAZ 537G. The 15-tonnes ballast tractor MAZ 545A came fitted with a flatbed body from MAZ 537A and used to tow 75-tonnes trailer systems. Both version had the same curb weight - 22 tonnes. Maximum speed - 65 kph. After hard factory tests in Syberia and Middle Asia, the test report was mentioned "The trucks showed a satisfactory performance and is generally consistent with the technical specifications". MAZ 545 characteristics were very close to MAZ 537.

545 / 545A545 / 545A545 / 545A545 / 545A
MAZ 545MAZ 545MAZ 545AMAZ 545

BAZ » 69531

BAZ 69531 was an updated version of BAZ 6953. The main feature is the replacement of twin KamAZ engines by a single YAMZ diesel. It was developed at the end of 1993 and was unified with a new chassis BAZ 69506. Production started in 1994, when BAZ 69531 went into service. It got a 300 hp YAMZ 238N diesel connected with a manual gearbox. The cabin, flatbed body and all other units were similar to BAZ 6953. Top speed is decreased to 60 kph. All other technical characteristics remained the same. Exterior differences are a new design of the front mask, front wings, engine covers, exhaust pipes location and rear wings. The future development of BAZ 6953 was a new military tractor BAZ 6906.


BAZ » 6953

BAZ 6953 is a ballast tractor developed to work in combinations with GCVW up to 45 tonnes, which can tow trailers with a GVW of 15 tonnes. It was a shorter version of a BAZ-69501 chassis with a wheelbase of 5435 mm (1365 mm shorter). The first prototype was made in 1987, factory tests were finished in 1988. The next year it went into the service. As the BAZ 69501, the 6953 was equipped with two 210 hp engines KamAZ 740, independent torsion suspension of all wheels and 2-door cabin with a heater. It wan't equipped with a PTO. Its metal flatbed body had dimensions of 4970x2830x1695 mm. Curb weight - 19 tonnes, GVW - 29.9 tonnes. Overall dimensions - 9680x3127x2970 mm. Turning radius - 12 m. Maximum speed - 75 kph. Fuel consumption - 55 l/100 km. Range - 1055 km. BAZ 6953 produced till 1993, when fire destroyed Kamaz engine factory. The next year company presented an updated model BAZ 69531.


Rusak » 8x8

Development of a perpective 8-wheel offroad vehicle by Rusak company started in 2014. A special chassis with details from IVECO Daily (cabin,F1C 2.7 liter engine,transmission) was used. The axles, main gear, wheel hubs and steering was developed from scratch. The design is made by Ilgiz Hamadeev, which combined IVECO cab with an original fiberglass hood. The first test of Rusak offroad vehicle was made in November 2016. Now the company is searching for an investor for future project development.

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