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BAW » Flag Bell (旗铃)

The Flag Bell (Chinese, 旗铃) is the base model of the BAW medium-duty range. Payload range is from 1 to 3 tonnes. The trucks have standard layout with a cab-over-the-engine design and 4x2 chassis. Wheelbase — 2900-3300 mm. GVW — 4-6.5 tonnes. Fitted with 4-cylinder diesel engines Shin Kong Brilliance 491QMB (2.2 liters, 112 hp), Great Chai CA4DC2 (3.2 liters, 108 hp), Cloud Power YN27 (2.7 liters, 95 hp), Whole firewood 4B2 (2.5 liters, 95 hp), Whole Chai 4D26 (2.6 liters, 92 hp) and Xichai 4DW92 (2.5 liters, 80 hp). Gearbox — 5-speed manual from different Chinese manufactures. In 2016, design of the cabin was refreshed.

Flag Bell (旗铃)Flag Bell (旗铃)Flag Bell (旗铃)Flag Bell (旗铃)

MAZ » 74103

MAZ 74103 is the reinforced version of the 74101 tractor with an increased load on the 5-th wheel to 27 tonnes. 10 copies were made in the 1980s. Later versions were collected without a winch and third cabin. It was specially developed to transport military goods and fuel through mountain passes in Central Asia and Afghanistan. MAZ 74103 got a retarder and some changes in the transmission. Top speed was reduced to 50 kph. The tractor was tested with heavy fuel trailers with a capacity of 60 and 90 thousand liters. The first version of the airfield refueler was TZ-60 based on CHMZAP-6568 semi-trailer. The second — TZ-90 was a 3-section combination consisted of the MAZ 74103 and two fuel semi-trailers. This unique 32-wheeled road-train with a GCVW of 140 tonnes went into service in 1987. Top speed — 40 kph. In 1992, army stopped using of these beasts.


BAW » BJ4250TSZ22

In 2014, BAW made another attempt to enter the market of heavy-duty models, announced the prototype BJ4250TSZ22 6x2. It got a cabin design in style of DongFeng trucks. Curb weight — 7.65 tonnes, GCVW — 38 tonnes. Overall dimensions — 7030x2490x3790 mm. It is fitted with a 6-cylinder inline diesel Weichai WP10.336E41 with a capacity of 9.7 liters, power of 247 kW (336 hp) and torque of 1300 NM. Gearbox is Fidelity 12JS160TA, manual 12-speed. Top speed — 99 kph.


BAW » BJ4250TSZ41

June 2013, BAW presented the prototype of a heavy-duty semi tractor BJ4250TSZ41 6x4. Design of the cab is similar to Shaanxi M3000. Probably, both cabins are used the same frame. The headlights made in a style of Renault trucks. Overall dimensions — 6880x2490x3730 mm. Curb weight — 8.8 tonnes. GCVW — 40 tonnes. Engine — 6-cylinder inline diesel Weichai WP10.340E32 with a capacity of 9.7 liters, power of 250 kW (340 hp) and torque of 1250 Nm. Gearbox — 12-speed manual Fidelity 12JS160TA. Top speed — 99 kph.


MAZ » 74102

MAZ 74102 is the prototype of a tractor unified with MAZ 74101 and fitted with a single cabin instead of two.

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