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Shaanxi » Delong L6000

The medium-range model of the new generation debuted as a pure electric truck Shaanxi L6000. It is fitted with an electric motor and diesel extender Steyr M12 Rex — a 1.2 liter 2-cylinder diesel engine with a power of 36 kW. The gearbox is AMT....
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Delong L6000Delong L6000Delong L6000Delong L6000

Shaanxi » Delong M6000

Another model in the new range is the Shaanxi Delong M6000 which has been presented in 2018 during the business conference. It was showcased as a 8x4 dumper. In fact, it is the lighter highway version of the construction Delong H6000 truck. Both models...
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Delong M6000Delong M6000Delong M6000

Shaanxi » Delong H6000

Shaanxi Delong H6000 is the 'younger' brother of the top model Delong X6000. The cabins of both models are shared the same styling, but the cabin of the H6000 is more narrow and sits lower (the floor isn't flat). It is available in short version with...
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Delong H6000Delong H6000Delong H6000Delong H6000

Shaanxi » Delong X6000

Late 2017, Shaanxi presented the new top model — the X6000. It can be easily recognized by the new wide cabin with a high roof and sleeper compartment. Difficult design elements of the front end make modern look of the cab: slanted headlights with the...
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Delong X6000Delong X6000Delong X6000Delong X6000

DFAC » Ferrero F15 (福瑞卡F15)

DFAC Ferrero F15 (福瑞卡F15) is the top model of the range DFAC Ferrero. It is unified with other models and equipped with B07 cabin (short and extended). Wheelbase — 3300 mm. GVW — 4.5 tonnes. It has a 4-cylinder 3.7 liter 129 hp Cloud Power YN38 diesel...
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Ferrero F15 (福瑞卡F15)Ferrero F15 (福瑞卡F15)Ferrero F15 (福瑞卡F15)Ferrero F15 (福瑞卡F15)
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