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Kenworth » T610

Kenworth’s new T610 is the biggest and most expensive truck development program ever undertaken in the company’s Australian history. Some perspective on the extent of the investment in the T610 is perhaps best understood by the fact that the entire range of current 09 models (T409, T609, T909 etc) plus the radically revamped K200 cab-over all came to life for less than half of what will be spent on bringing the T610 into existence. Major cost items like the firewall and floor structures as well as a completely new and strengthened dash are uniquely Australian, fully engineered at Bayswater to achieve the structural durability and design goals deemed essential for this market. The 2.1 metre wide cab provides a huge improvement in internal space along with full standing room in sleeper versions. The T610 also provides a substantial (30%) increase in space around the driver’s footwell, the gap between the seats has been significantly opened and with a rise in the height of the bunk, there’s now room for an optional slide-out fridge. It’s actually amazing what Kenworth has achieved with an extra 270 mm between the B-pillars. While external styling is definitely different and comes with a number of ancillary features adapted from the inventories of both Kenworth and Peterbilt in the US, the T610 is unquestionably an exercise in substance over style. Most notably, the cab is wider, taller and in sleeper form, vastly more spacious and liveable than the long-serving cab of Kenworth’s current conventional range. Unlike existing T4 models, for example, sleeper versions of the 610 provide full standing room from the seat to the sleeper and there’s little doubt this fact alone will be a major attraction for owners and drivers alike. The 610’s first foray into the market will see it offered in set-back and set-forward (SAR) front axle configurations, initially as a day cab or with an 860 mm (36 inch) sleeper. Perhaps the greatest benefit is that it has allowed the cab to be moved forward to create a bumper to back-of-cab (BBC) dimension of just 112 inches on the day cab model, giving the newcomer particularly strong appeal for any number of length-critical applications. By comparison, the current T409 has a BBC of 116 inches. Importantly, the higher stance of the cab allows greater airflow underneath to enhance cooling efficiency and considerably improves service access to the rear of the engine. Furthermore, the taller cab also improves visibility though some drivers may rue the fact that the top of the KW ‘bug’ is no longer visible and therefore unavailable as a line of sight to the edge of the road. Kenworth T610 is available as the 6x4 or 8x4 chassis and tractor, fitted with X15 Euro V engine (485 hp in standard, 600 hp as an option). The gearbox is Eaton 16-speed, manual in standard, and 18-, 20- or 22-speed manual as an option, as well as automated Ultrashift Plus. Drum brakes are standard equipment, disk brakes - option.


Kenworth » T610SAR

After almost a decade of development, Kenworth unveiled its next generation heavy-duty truck, the revolutionary T610SAR model. Designed from the inside out, the new Kenworth cabin is centred entirely around the needs of the driver. Incorporated into the design is greater foot space, more standing room and storage, wider walkthrough access between the seats and more expansive door and windscreen glass, providing space, visibility and ergonomics never before seen in Kenworth’s suite of Australian made trucks. The history-making 2.1m wide cab is almost 300mm wider than the outgoing cab. To achieve the optimal lengths needed for maximum payloads in Australia design team moved the entire cabin 300mm further forward on the frame than the comparative US T680 model, to provide Bumper to Back of Cab (BBC) dimensions that meet Australian length laws. The firewall and floor are completely new designs to suit right-hand drive short BBC applications. The T610SAR cabin has new triple sealed doors and door apertures—innovations that minimise noise and dust leaks, and whose quality construction is evident each time the doors close. It is the largest opening door of any Australian-made Kenworth. Designers spent three years refining the dashboard and instrument panel, so switchgear and controls are positioned intuitively, and dashboard instrumentation is visible at a glance. Everything has been positioned to allow drivers to maintain concentration and reduce fatigue. The interior has increased storage space conveniently placed for optimal utility. With wider access to the sleeper, moving from the driver seat to the bunk is far easier and the premium inner-spring single bed mattress undeniably leads to a more satisfied and less fatigued driver in the truck. The T610SAR bonnet is aerodynamically shaped to move air across the bonnet in a controlled and efficient manner while ensuring maximum forward visibility from the driving position. The grille is manufactured in Australia from stainless steel and mesh. Bright, projector-style lights with halogen high beams adorn the Aero bonnet, lighting the way through the darkest of nights, and the UV-stabilised, polycarbonate covers minimise damage from any road debris. On the SAR, the standard package comes with 4×7 inch round lights with two outer H4 Hi/Lo Halogen and the two inner H4 Hi beams. Kenworth T610SAR is availabel only as a 6x4 tractor. It is fitted with the X15 Euro V engine rated at 485 hp in standard, and 600 hp as an option. Gearbox - EATON RTLO16918B 16-speed manual in standard, 18-, 20- and 22-speed manual transmissions are avaiable as an option, as well as automated ULTRASHIFT PLUS with 16-, 18-, 20- and 22-speed. Drum brakes is the standard equipment, disk brakes - the option. There are several standard and optional safety systems, such as EBSS, ESP, TRM, ACB and Lane departure warning.


WAW » Aochi X1 / X2 / X3

Aochi model range includes an unusual dump trucks range Aochi X-series. It similar to another dump trucks range T-series, but fitted with a flatbed type body. In fact, this is a regular flatbed trucks equipped with two hydraulic rods for the body lifting. The model range includes three versions: Aochi X1, Aochi X2 and Aochi X3. Aochi X1. Dump truck with a payload of 1.5-2 tonnes, GVW - 4.1-4.5 tonnes. Wheelbase - 2850-3050 mm. It is fitted with a 4-cylinder diesel engines Whole firewood 4B2 (2.5 liters, 95 hp) and Wei Chai WP2 (2.1 liters, 82 hp). Gearbox - 5-speed, manual. Aochi X2. Dump truck with a payload of 1.7-2 tonnes, GVW - 4.5 tonnes. Wheelbase - 3250-3360 mm. It is fitted with a 4-cylinder diesel engines Cloud Power YN27 (2.7 liters, 95 hp), Cloud Power YN33 (3.3 liters, 116 hp), Whole firewood 4B2 (2.5 liters, 95 hp) or Xichai 4DW93 (2.5 liters, 87 hp). Gearbox - 5-speed, manual. Aochi X3. Dump truck with a payload of 1.6-7 tonnes, GVW - 4.5-12 tonnes. Wheelbase - 3250-4200 mm. It is fitted with a 4-cylinder diesel engines Yang Chai YZ4 (3.7 liters, 130 hp), Yuchai YC4 (4.2 liters, 140 hp), Weichai WP3 (3.7 liters, 130 hp) or Cloud Power YN38 (3.8 liters, 129 hp). Gearbox - manual, 5-, 8-, 10- and 12-speed.

Aochi X1 / X2 / X3Aochi X1 / X2 / X3Aochi X1 / X2 / X3Aochi X1 / X2 / X3
Aochi X2Aochi X2Aochi X2Aochi X2

MAZ » 7410-9988 'Oplot-B'

MAZ 7410-9988 'Oplot-B' - the prototype active combination consisted of a 650-hp semi-tractor MAZ 7410 and 2-axle 30-tonnes lowbed trailer MAZ 988 with a hydrostatic drive of 4 wheels. It is a future development of MAZ 544-5246. The first version E7410 with semi-trailer E9988 was made in 1974. It passed factory tests the next year and went into a service in 1978. Comparing to the regular MAZ 74101, the 7410 has an additional hydraulic pump to drive rear wheels of the trailer. GCVW - 62.7 tonnes. Maximum length - 21.8 meters. Fuel consumption - 100 liters / 100 km. Range - 730 km. After closing of the 'Oplot' project, the combination was replaced by the MAZ 74106-9988.

7410-9988 'Oplot-B'7410-9988 'Oplot-B'7410-9988 'Oplot-B'

MAZ » 73132

MAZ 73132 is a shortened version of MAZ 7313 chassis. In 1986, a prototype of airfield tractor with the same index was made. It is based on the MAZ 7311.


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