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BAZ » 695071

In 1999, BAZ made a new version BAZ 695071 with an increased up to 18 tonnes payload and 3-seat cabin. It also was fitted with radial tires ID-370 with a size 21.5/R21 (1350x550-533R). Range - 1000 km. Engine - YAMZ 238B rated at 224 kW. Units were driven via a 2-speed PTO.


BAZ » 69507

BAZ 69507 with a payload of 16 tonnes was a civil version of unnecessary military BAZ 69506. It used as a chassis for different oilfield equipment. For example, OAO 'Kungursky Factory of Equipment' installed units for development and repair of gas wells on the BAZ 69507 chassis, called UPA-60A 60/80.


ГАЗ » 3937 'Vodnik'

Intended for use as the base for mounting various types of armaments and materiel (large-caliber small-arms and light artillery and antiaircraft rocket weapon systems). The vehicle’s welded body has two detachable modules (the front one and the rear one). The front module includes a power compartment and a control compartment divided with a leak-tight partition. The GAZ-3937 truck has a two-seat module with the commander seat being behind the driver seat. There are dou-ble-leaf manholes for embarkation and disembarkation. the GAZ-3937 in the front module design. The vehicle uses a three-seat module with the driver seat and the commander seat arranged in a row and the passenger seat being behind the driver. The commander and the driver embark/disembark through doors and the passenger embarks/disembarks through a manhole. The rear module is the vehicle’s net volume used to install the functional module. Fast-detachable connection of the rear module and the support flange of the chassis hull enable rapid replacement of the modules on one vehicle independent of the vehicle's operating conditions. The vehicle can be operated at an ambient air temperature of -45 to +50 °C, a relative air humidity of up to 98 % at a temperature of +25 ”C and a wind velocity of up to 30 m/s and in conditions of highlands at an altitude of up to 4,500 m with a capability of clearing passovers of up to 4,650 m. Structurally, the vehicles include: a power plant consisting of an engine, a clutch and a gearbox; a four-stroke multifuel diesel engine with gas-turbine charging and a power of 110-147 kW (150-200 hp). Cooling system with automatic heat mode regulation. Various engine models can be used; a 5-step gearbox with five drives forward and one drive backward; a mechanical two-step transfer gearbox with a direct drive and an overdrive gear with a power takeoff shaft; driving axles with limited-slip gearless differentials; single-step reducers with cylindrical spiral gears; an independent torsion-bar suspension with hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers; wheels with split rims and internal distance rings; pneumatic tires of 13.00-18" with the wheel of 9.00-18" or combat-resistant tires of 13.00-18” with the wheel of 10.00-18”. The tire air pressure regulation system is centralized and controllable from the cab; steering: a mechanical steering drive with a hydraulic booster; brake systems; a two-circuit working air hydraulic system with separate axle deceleration. The parking brake system is of a transmission type with mechanical drive; electrical equipment: a singlewire system, 24 V, two 6ST110A storage batteries or four 6ST55 storage batteries; communication facilities: intercom communication between the modules with a space for radio set installation; a microclimate support system: an independent heater and an air conditioner.

3937 'Vodnik'3937 'Vodnik'3937 'Vodnik'3937 'Vodnik'

ГАЗ » 66-40

Intended to transport personnel and cargoes of up to 2.3 t, mounting of armaments and war materiel and tow trailer systems with a full weight of up to 2 t. The vehicle can be operated at an ambient temperature of -50 to +50 ‘C, a relative humidity of up to 98 % at a temperature of +25 °C, a dust air content of 1.5 g/m3 and a wind velocity of up to 20 m/s and in regions at an altitude of up to 4,500 m. The vehicle has a two-axle design with single wheels. This is a cab-over-engine truck with a two-seat forward tilting cab. The GAZ-5441 four-cylinder turbocharged air-cooled diesel eng-ine with a power of 123 hp is used as a power plant. The clutch is of a disk-plate dry type with a diaphragm pressure spring and a hydraulic drive. The gearbox is of a mechanical, three-way, five-step type. The transfer gearbox is of a mechanical, 2-step type with a front axle drive. The driving axles are with a single hypoid final drive with a self-locking gearless limited-slip differential. The conventional suspension is on longitudinal half-elliptic springs with hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers. The vehicle is fitted with a centralized tire air pressure regulation system. The electrical equipment has a single-wire design and a rated voltage of 24 V.


ГАЗ » 66B

A great deal of transport and special army trucks for multi-purpose applications were created based on the GAZ-66. A special modification of the truck was the GAZ-66B, a specifically designed vehicle for Airborne Troops. This vehicle has a collapsible cab with a canvas top. The windscreen frame and the door sides are removable. The vehicle can be transported by aircraft and air-dropped and is fitted with all required tie-down and fastening devices. A large number of various special vehicles were also manufactured based on the GAZ-66B, including the BM-21V multiple launch rocket system. Special small-height bodies were made for mounting on the GAZ-66B chassis.


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