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Ural » 377E

Ural 377E is the chassis version of the base Ural 377 to mount special bodies by different aftermarket companies. The chassis had been produced from 1974 to 1983.


Ural » 382

Ural 382 is a prototype of Ural 377 equipped with Tatra 928 diesel. These engines were used on popular in USSR Tatra T815 dumpers.

AWD » Leyland Comet 4x4

AWD Leyland Comet 4x4 is based on a medium-duty Comet 4x2 truck. The AWD version features different front fenders and an all-metal front bullbar. Only few were made.

Leyland Comet 4x4Leyland Comet 4x4Leyland Comet 4x4

Ural » M 542362

In 2014, the 4-axle 8x8 tractor was updated and continued to produce under designation Ural M 542362. It is intended to work in combinations with GCW up to 43.64 tonnes. The updated version got a refreshed exterior design, similar to other models of the Ural-M range. There is the only available version which called Ural-M 542362-0111-70. It is fitted with YAMZ 53602.10 diesel rated at 312 hp and ZF9S1210TO 9-speed manual gearbox. Curb weight — 11,415 kg. GVW — 25,565 kg.

M 542362M 542362M 542362M 542362

Ural » 377M

The first prototype of Ural 377 was made in 1961. Despite the successful completion of government tests and launch in series production, it had a number of unavoidable shortcomings associated with the need for unification with the AWD Ural375D. The result of the work to eliminate these shortcomings was creation of the updated model Ural 377M in 1966-67. It got longer wheelbase (377M — 4620 mm, 377 — 4200 mm) and flatbed platform (377M — 4850 mm, 377 — 4500 mm). Lighter tires OI P46 1100x400-533 were used. Payload was increased to 8 tonnes. Height of flatbed platform was reduced to 1420 mm when engineers decided not to use a spare tire. Curb weight was reduced from 7275 to 6635 kg. Some changes to transmission were made to reduce fuel consumption. The government test were held since May to November 1967. Two more prototypes were made in December 1967 for strength tests. Future development was stopped in 1969. In December 1968, another two prototypes of Ural 377M were collected. The one used double tires on the rear axles and different front wheels. Tires were O-47A. The second got a fiberglass hood and fenders of the modern design.


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