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Yuan Cheng » M100

The production of the new Yuan Cheng M100 tractor began in China in 2019. It is the world's first production truck with an engine using methyl alcohol (methanol) as a fuel. The M100 has a cab-over-engine layout and 6×4 chassis. The truck has an unusual front design with a “three-tier” radiator grill.

The methanol engine has a capacity of 12.5 liters and was produced by a third-party Chinese company Weichai, but Geely also participated in the development of this unit. Geely representatives say that before the production started, the company's engineers had been researching methanol as a fuel for 15 years. The maximum engine power is 460 hp, it is equipped with turbocharging, intercoolers, EGR, three catalytic converters and other systems. Resource of the methanol engine is 1 million kilometers.

The use of methanol as fuel has two advantages — it is much cheaper than diesel fuel and at the same time gives a more environmentally friendly exhaust. It is alleged that the operation of the M100 costs at least 18% cheaper than a similar truck with a diesel engine. Methanol is produced primarily from wood waste or coal. The Yuan Cheng M100 engine meets the strict Euro 6 environmental standard.

Methanol also has significant drawbacks. Firstly, there is no network of fuel stations. Therefore, transport companies that bought the M100 will have to stock up on methanol tanks — the price in China is 2,500 yuan per ton. Secondly, methanol is the most dangerous poison, that is, to refuel the truck with such fuel you will have to undergo special safety training. Ingestion of 10 ml of methanol leads to blindness, and 80-150 ml leads to death.

The Yuan Cheng M100 will be available in three versions — standard, “mountain” (for operation in high altitude conditions) and regional (for long-distance transportation).


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