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Supacat » HMT Light Weight Recovery

Supacat unveiled the HMT Light Weight Recovery (LWR) vehicle at DSEi 2017 in London. The 10.5 tonne HMT Light Weight Recovery (HMT LWR) has been developed by Supacat to fill a capability gap to recover vehicles operating in hard to access urban and rural locations as required by the UK MoD’s Light Weight (Air Portable) Recovery Capability (LW(AP)RC) programme. The 6×6 HMT LWR offers high levels of agility, off-road performance and protection in common with Supacat’s High Mobility Transporter (HMT) family. HMT LWR utilizes many HMT design features such as the variable height air suspension system, engine and drive line that have been battle proven in numerous theaters. Blast and ballistic protection has been built into the chassis providing the optimum protection for its weight of 10.5 tonnes. The vehicle is capable of wading through up to 1.5m of salt water, with an additional 0.5m of wave splash. This enables the vehicle to be deployed from landing craft. It can operate at -30 to +50 degrees. HMT LWR utilises an innovative new Supacat designed technology, `Supalift`, which extends the range of vehicles that can be recovered by a light weight recovery vehicle. HMT LWR’s recovery system can be operated both in conventional mode and by the operator engaging `Supalift`, which increases the maximum lifting weight of the recovery system by over 50%. In conventional mode the HMT LWR recovery system lifts a maximum recovered vehicle axle mass of 3.8 tonnes and in `Supalift` mode rises to 6.1 tonnes. `Supalift` technology is based on the principle of distributing the weight of the casualty vehicle more evenly over the recovery vehicle. HMT LWR is fitted with a specially designed Boniface and Miller Century 2465 hamper and a Rotzler TR80 main winch. These will be fitted as standard but as with all HMT platforms the modular hamper design can be reconfigured to suit any role.

HMT Light Weight RecoveryHMT Light Weight RecoveryHMT Light Weight Recovery

Volkswagen » Delivery '18

In autumn 2018, Volkswagen has presented the new Delivery range in Brazil. This is the product for the 3,5 up to 13 tonnes for Latin America and other demanding markets. The Delivery Express and the 4.150, the only ones in the line featuring EGR technology. Equipped with the 2.8 liter Cummins ISF engine, the vehicles reach 150 hp and maximum torque of 360 Nm in a broad range of engine rpms to ensure quick recoveries, agility and lower fuel consumption in urban deliveries. The Delivery 6.160 is also equipped with a 2.8l Cummins ISF engine, but this time with SCR after-treatment solution, which is already a traditional feature in its segment. Its power reaches 160 hp and maximum torque of 430 Nm. The 9, 11 and 13 ton vehicles are equipped with the 3.8 liter Cummins ISF and SCR technology, with ideal robustness for each application. All three register maximum torque of 600 Nm, with power ranging from 165 to 175 hp. With the current launch, which was the result of over R$ 1 billion invesment, Volkswagen arrives at the challenging 3.5 ton market with a model called Express. The product combines the features of a heavy truck, such as internal space and robustness, in a small vehicle with a modern design. The 4 ton Delivery is another excellent option among the entry models of the new family, as it can be financed by Finame (Brazilian Special Industrial Financing Agency). The new 6 ton Delivery arrives, along with the 9 and 11 ton models, with enough features to take on the difficult mission of excelling the current best-selling models – which are a strong success in the national market. And the new 13.180, in 6X2 version featuring a third axle, is the highest load capacity in the new portfolio. Initially the production of 9.170 and 11.180 has been started. They followed by 6.160 in December, Delivery Express in February 2018, 4.150 in March and 13.180 in April.

Delivery '18Delivery '18Delivery '18Delivery '18

AWD » Ford Thames Trader

The company was formed in 1954 by Alexander John Frank Andrews and Neil Davis two mechanical experts who had bought a secondhand County 4X4 diesel farm tractor and decided to partially dismantled it to understand how their tractor mechanicals worked and how the 4WD system was made. A few weeks after, they bought a second hand Ford Thames Trader Diesel lorry and rebuilt it again but using their own new heavy duty 4WD axles based on those fitted on standard Ford Major and this new FORD THAMES TRADER 4WD was a major national success after several more were made and the brand name of AWD Co Ltd. was born. AWD CO Ltd were focused on producing Ford Trader 4X4 and 6X6 models for many purposes.

Ford Thames TraderFord Thames TraderFord Thames TraderFord Thames Trader
The first prototype of Ford Thames Trader 4WDAWD Ford Thames Trader 4x4AWD Ford Thames Trader 6x6AWD Ford Thames Trader 6x6


In 2017, CAMC introduced the updated H7 to replace the H6. Both models look very similar, but there are some differences. The sunvisor was reshaped and has a flat top now. Place for the license plate was shifted higher. The cabin is wider by 115 mm now. The headlights were also redesigned. The interior got more changes comparing to the appearance of the truck. The CAMC H7 features a brand new dashboard with a modern instrument panel, new driver's seat with an air suspension, door covers with cloth inserts, multifunctional steering wheel. Sleeper was widened by 800 mm. The chassis of CAMC H7 is almost similar to H6. It uses Chinese made engine rated at 420 hp.


Ural » M 4320-80/81/82

In 2014, Ural 4320-80M/81M/82M was refreshed. Designers of the factory made a great job to hide old Italian cabin from the 1980s. The most important feature is the new front mask. The lineup includes three models: Ural 4320-80M with YAMZ-53642-10 engine rated at 285 hp; Ural 4320-81M — a short wheelbase version of 80M; Ural 4320-82M with YAMZ-53602-10 engine rated at 312 hp. GVW — 21800 kg. Payload — 10500 kg. Gearbox — YAMZ 1105, manual, 5-speed or ZF9S1310TO, manual, 9-speed. There are two versions of the cabin — the day cab and sleeper cab.

M 4320-80/81/82M 4320-80/81/82M 4320-80/81/82M 4320-80/81/82

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