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BAZ » 69441

In 1982, was started development of a new missle complex 'Oka-M' which should based on a 13-tonne amphibious chassis BAZ 69441. Its design was similar to its predecessor 6944, but got two engines: one for wheels, another for water jet engines. Those were 2 diesel engines KamAZ 740 rated at 210 hp each. The engines were agrigated with two gearboxes. Another important feature of the new chassis became Z-shaped ladder type frame. Curb weight of BAZ 69441 was increased by 18 tonnes, GVW - 31.4 tonnes. Overall dimensions - 12,000x3130x3100 mm. Turning radius - 13.5 meters. Maxmimum speed on a highway - 70 kph, on water - up to 9.7 kph. Fuel consumption - 60 liters per 100 km. Range was reduced by 967 km. The first prototype of BAZ 69441 was made in 1987. The next year it passed government tests and in 1989 was recomended to service in the army. But government stoped all developments on the missle complex 'Oka' and 'Oka-M' after an agreement between USSR and USA was signed.


BAZ » 6944

Prototypes of amphibious 4-axle chassis BAZ 6944 with a payload of 12 tonnes were developed in 1979. It was in service since the next year after its small-scale production was started. The main feature of the new chassis become a sealed all-metal hull with 3 sections: a cabin for crew of 4 wit hatch in the roof to enter and exit and three-piece windshield; rear cargo platform and the engine compartment in the middle. BAZ 6944 was fitted with a diesel engine UTD-25 V8 (21.2 liters, 400 hp) made in Barnaul. NAMI developed a special hydromechanical transmission, consisted of 1-speed hydrotransformator and 5-speed manual gearbox. There was also a prototype with a gas-turbine engine GAZ-9021-03 and standard transmission, developed in 1986. Wheelbase - 6500 mm. Gauge - 2513 mm. Overall dimensions - 11 700x3130x2710 mm. Clearance - 480 mm. Curb weight - 17 tonnes. GVW - 29.4 tonnes. Maximum speed on a highway - 70 kph, on water - 8 kph. Fuel consumption - 50 liters per 100 km. Range - 1160 km. BAZ 6944 successfully passed government tests, as a part of 'Oka' missle complex. At the end of 80s, most of vehicles were destroyed, but several were saved in museums.

The first prototype BAZ 6944The second prototype BAZ 6944

BAZ » 135MBL

BAZ 135MBL was a special version of a 135MBK developed to transport sections of a floating bridge PP-91. It was accepted for military service in 1992 and was able to install a floating bridge with a payload of 60-120 tonnes and 13.8 meters wide roadway. The sections had dimensions - 7360x8280 mm. Diesel ships BMK-225 helped to align sections. The chassis BAZ 135 MBL was equipped with a 12-tonnes winch and a system of droppong of sections of the bridge. Two prototypes of 135MBL passed factory tests, but never went into service. This was the last model in 135th range.


BAZ » 135MBP

A pilot batch of a civil flatbed version BAZ 135MBP was built in 80s based on 135MBK. It had a payload of 8.5 tonnes and a flatbed body with low sides.


BAZ » 135MBK

BAZ-135MBK was a special multipurpose truck based on a military 135MB with an increased payload up to 12.1 tonnes and developed to transport heavy aircrafts and work with a trailers with a GVCW up to 37.5 tonnes. It was equipped with the same cabin without protection screens and an all-metal flatbed cargo with internal dimensions 7696x2586 mm. Two technical features: regular propelled shafts instead of constant-velocity joints and a 12-tonnes winch. Two 600 liters fuel tanks were installed, which allowed to go 1100 km without refuelling. New wide-profilt tires (1200x500-508) increased traction, but reduced road clearance to 385 mm. Compares with the 135MB this version was 400 mm longer. Wide - 3000 mm, height - 2880 mm. Curb weight - 13 tonnes, GVW - 25.5 tonnes. Maximum speed - 60 kph, with trailer - 50 kph. Fuel consumption - 73 l/100 km.


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