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Ausa » B 400 H

Ausa B 400 H is the compact and agile suction sweeper of 4 m3 of capacity. Top speed to 62 km / h with excellent operating cost. Large-capacity turbine that generates high suction power for more efficient sweeping combined with low noise. PM 10 2012 Certificate from EUnited ensures you a clean air in your environment. Excellent visibility by sweeping monitor and rear view cameras. In height unload skip of waste. Equipped with a low fuel consumption and emissions VW Euro 5 engine (average consumption 6 l / h) . The technology of Bosch-Rexroth hydrostatic transmission with and 2 hydrostatic and 2 mechanical speeds allow high speeds and also an excellent gradeability. Cabin with a higher level of ergonomics for operator comfort and minimum noise level. A very comfortable operating position.

B 400 HB 400 HB 400 HB 400 H

Ausa » B 200 H

AUSA suction sweeper B 200 H / B 200 H iLink of 2 m3 capacity. The model is available in 2 or 4 steering wheels. With a wide sweep from 1,560 mm to 2,500 mm to achieve optimal work performance. The B 200 H / B 200 H iLink is certified by EUnited with a 3 star in the PM10 test (the highest level of dust particulates) to maintain very clean the air in the environment. Equipped with a low fuel consumption and emissions Euro 5 VW engine (average consumption 6 l / h) . Its advanced hydrostatic transmission Bosch-Rexroth pump and engines to the wheels make the forward and turning maneuvers are extremely accurate. The suction fan is high performance at low speed to minimize noise and allows waste to aim high sweep rates. Three driving modes available (Transport, Work, Eco), with the exclusive fuel saving AUSA (AFS). The cabin has been designed with operator comfort to reduce fatigue on long shifts. The operator enjoys full visibility of the brushes and the suction through three glass windows side and bottom center below.

B 200HB 200HB 200HB 200H

Ausa » M 200 H

AUSA M 200H is the most compact tool-carrier vehicle of 2,5tn capacity on its category. It is specially designed for narrow streets or even sidewalks or pedestrial areas. The very low turning radius, 4 steering wheels and short axle distance is the key for this exceptional maneuvrability. Many different versions of transmission and steering 4x2x2, 4x2x4 and 4x4x4 FlowTrack. The M 200 H is a great workmate for the municipalities in winter because of the detachable salt spreader and snowplough even on the most difficult access zones. The M 200 H is a clean and quiet vehicle because of the VW Euro 5 engine that is compliant with the most strict emision regulations. The automatic and hydrostatic transmission alows an outstanding precision and smothness as well as safe and comfortable driving. Three different driving modes (Transport, Work and Eco) with the exclusive fuel saver system (AFS). Maximum speed up to 40km/h, both axle with suspension system and a comfortable 2-seat cabin with an outstanding visibility. 7 hydraulic couplings and Link system for accesory interchange.

M 200HM 200HM 200HM 200H

Atlas Copco » Predator Drilling System

The Predator is a new generation drilling system for the oil and gas industry from Atlas Copco Drilling Solutions (ADS). This innovative drilling system includes three components: a mobile rig, a substructure and a pipe handling skate. The Predator Drilling System is designed to be exceptionally mobile and quick to rig up. The Predator employs a substructure, giving it the look and feel of bigger units. The substructure is one of three distinct rig components, which include the carriermounted self-transportable drill rig, and the pipehandling skate system.The substructure features a wired control box with back up manual valves. The five-axle rig is backed onto the substructure using a self-contained hydraulic motor. Rig operators use a control box to lower railings and raise the substructure and mast. Rig up takes 45 minutes to an hour for the three main pieces and can be done in four to six hours when all ancillary systems, such as air or mud packages, pipe cassettes, toolhouses etc. are involved. The substructure functions not only as a sub-base for drilling operations, but contains options like piping for mud and air drilling packages, a water injection pump, and an integrated computer/PLC. Atlas Copco’s engineering and marketing team took a non-traditional approach in their design process for the Predator Drilling System. Rather than focusing on the more obvious product features, the team chose to develop a new product with measurably greater value (financial return) than current drilling systems. The mixed fleet approach allows land-based drilling contractors to capitalize on the strengths of two types of drilling rigs: lightweight mobile rigs and deep-hole conventional rigs. The carrier has a full-width, low-profile cab with all of the amenities found in conventional trucks. The single 950 hp (708 kw) engine powers both the carrier and the drill, utilizing shared components rather than a second engine plus drive train. This design greatly reduces weight, as well as time and cost for maintenance. In drive mode, the engine consumes less than half of its rated power and is capable of full torque at any time, regardless of speed. The hydraulic drive, coupled with a clutch and manual transmission, provide an exceptionally wide range of power and speeds. The table, master bushing, hydraulic slips and iron roughneck are part of the substructure and travel with it. With four hydraulic blocking jacks, leveling is simple and fast. An electric-hydraulic power system deploys the driveon ramps and catwalks. The BOP stack can be transported with the substructure. A handling system sets up the BOP after the surface casing has been set. A hydraulic crane, with a telescoping boom, assists with rig up and utility lifting during drilling operations.

Predator Drilling SystemPredator Drilling SystemPredator Drilling SystemPredator Drilling System

Atlas Copco » Minetruck MT65

Atlas Copco presents a new 65-ton underground mine dumper MT65 at the 2016 MINExpo. The MT65 is based on years of knowledge from the successful MT6020. The machine has been developed to provide an extra five tonnes of capacity per load, and designed with a swathe of new and improved features. The dump box has a maximum 65 tonne haulage capacity, and is engineered for high productivity and reliable performance. The load weighing system presents information directly to the operators on the filling process, and to the outside via status beacon lights, allowing operators to maximise filling and reduce overload. The MT65 is also ready for the next stage of mining, and has been built to be automation ready, utilising Atlas Copco’s Rig Control System (RCS), and its Certiq telematics solution, which provide machine data and information in an intuitive easy to use HMI. Cameras are located on the front and the rear of the vehicle to increase visibility and safety of those around the vehicle. An improved front axle suspension increases driver comfort, and is reportedly even better than on the MT6020 model. The truck weighs approximately 46.3 tonnes, and measures 2.785 metres in height, has a width of 3.5 metres, and is 11.021 metres long. It is driven by a Cummins QSK19 EPA Tier 2 engine, with a power rating of 567kW, and has a fuel tank capacity of 844 litres.

Minetruck MT65Minetruck MT65

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