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Ural » 377K

Ural 377K is a version of the base Ural 377 6x4 truck to work in difficult conditions of Far North. The changes are similar to AWD Ural 375K. It features an additional heat insulation of the cabin and batteries, two-ply windows, double heater, two gasoline tanks and bright colors. It also got an additional lamp on the roof.


AWD » Ford D-series

This is the all-wheel-drive model Ford D1311. The conversion is made by AWD company. Increasing of clearance led to installing front fenders covers. The standard chassis got a new front axle and transfer case. AWD also transformed Ford D-series chassis to 6x4 for dumpers.

Ford D-seriesFord D-series
Ford D1311Ford D-series transformed by AWD to 6x4 chassis

AWD » Bedford J / TJ

In 1960-70s AWD made modifications of popular Bedford series J and TJ trucks in all-wheel drive versions. AWD-Bedford TJ got its own bage for the first time in history of the company. It replaced the original by Bedford. The company replaced the front axle and installed a transfer case to make AWD version of these trucks.

Bedford J / TJBedford J / TJBedford J / TJBedford J / TJ
AWD-Bedford J160 4x4AWD-Bedford TJ 4x4AWD-Bedford TJ 4x4AWD-Bedford TJ 4x4

Ural » Next 5557 / 55571

Ural NEXT 5557 is a chassis to mount different bodies, such as dumpers, rescue and logging equipment, vans and other special equipment. There is also a long wheelbase version Ural NEXT 55571. Payload of the chassis is about 10 tonnes. Engine — YAMZ 536, inline, 4-cylinder, rated at 285 or 312 hp. Gearbox — 5-speed, manual. Ural produces 3 versions of dumpers based on this chassis: Ural NEXT 55571-5121-72, Ural NEXT 55571-5121-74 and Ural NEXT 5557-6121-74. The first and second with rear discharge, the third — with 3-way discharge.

Next 5557 / 55571Next 5557 / 55571Next 5557 / 55571Next 5557 / 55571

Ural » Next 3255 / 32551 / 32552

A model range of special shift team buses are produced on the base of Ural NEXT. The lineup includes 3 versions: Ural NEXT 3255-5013-71, Ural NEXT 32551-5013-71 and Ural NEXT 32552-5013-71. All models are equipped with passenger van bodies from the factory. Ural NEXT 3255-5013-71 is the base model. It uses a 3-wheel chassis and its seating capacity is 22 passengers. Overall dimensions — 10430x2500x3400 mm. Ural NEXT 32551-5013-71 is based on the shorted chassis and its seating capacity is 20 passengers. Overall dimensions — 8985x2500x3400 mm. Ural NEXT 32552-5013-71 uses 4-wheel chassis. Its seating capacity and overall dimensions are similar to the previous model. All versions are fitted with a 4-cyliner in-line YAMZ 53642.10 engine rated at 240 hp, 5-speed manual gearbox and 2-speed transfer case.

Next 3255 / 32551 / 32552Next 3255 / 32551 / 32552Next 3255 / 32551 / 32552Next 3255 / 32551 / 32552

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