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Nikoka » One

In May 2016, Nikola announced plans for a range-extended electric Class 8 commercial semi truck, and it was shown to people outside the company for the first time at a media event in Salt Lake City. Called the Nikola One, it was originally described as using natural-gas turbines to generate electricity, but Nikola subsequently said that U.S. and Canadian versions would use hydrogen fuel cells instead. Scheduled to start production by 2020, it is powered by six electric motors, which will provide over 1,000 horsepower and 2,000 pound-feet of torque. Nikola claims that is nearly double the amount of any diesel semi truck currently on the road, although it is also lower than the 2,000 hp and 3,700 lb-ft quoted by the company earlier this year. That power is sent to the wheels via a two-speed transmission. Nikola quotes a range of 800 to 1,200 miles between hydrogen fill-ups, and the truck's 320-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack can also be recharged by plugging in. However, Nikola expects the fuel cells to be the main power source. To provide hydrogen for those fuel cells, Nikola has said it will build a network of hydrogen stations. Nikola previously said hydrogen will be produced using solar farms generating 100 megawatts or more of electricity apiece that it will construct. the Nikola One, when compared to a traditional diesel rig, will be about 2,000 pounds lighter. If you take weight out of the cab, you can add it onto the payload, which means you can move more goods, and more goods means more money. The on-board hydrogen fuel cell will feed energy into 320-kWh lithium battery built into the frame rail that will power the truck's electric motors. That means, as any hydrogen advocate can tell you, that the only thing coming out of the tailpipe will be water vapor. By getting rid of the diesel powertrain, the Nikola One will also eliminate the need for much of the maintenance that is currently required for semi trucks, from oil changes to DEF refills. Since the Nikola One can idle without any emissions, it won't run afoul of anti-idling laws, and the energy on board will be more than enough to get Rip Van Winkle through his longest nap. The One's short nose means that a driver can see the road in front of them fairly easily, and since the door is in the middle of the cab, it will be easier to get in and out of the One than a standard cab. The driver will also be able to use safety features that are common in passenger vehicles but definitely not in semis, like surround vision, and the thin A-pillars offer an almost-panoramic forward view.


Foton » Automatic Driverless Super Truck

Baidu Teams with Foton in December 2016 introduced Automatic Driverless Super Truck concept. The two corporate giants collaborated to develop the “Super Truck” powered by Baidu’s limited self-driving automation and Foton’s driverless technologies and enormous experience in the automotive transport market. The truck will be rated L3 (Level 3) according to the US Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This means that the model vehicle is expected to be available for occasional control, but with sufficiently comfortable transition time.

Automatic Driverless Super TruckAutomatic Driverless Super TruckAutomatic Driverless Super Truck

BAZ » 6954

BAZ 6954 was a prototype of a special chassis with a payload of 17.1 tonnes designed to mount special miliraty equipment. This was the most efficient and heavy flatbed truck in 90s. It has the wheelbase of 7000 mm and is a future development of BAZ 69501 chassis, unified with BAZ 69502. The only prototype BAZ 6954 was made in 1990 and got two 210 hp KamAZ diesels and two transmissions. It wasn't equipped with PTOs. The frame and independent suspensions were reinforced. The main feature of BAZ 6954 was it closed all-metal 4-seat cabin with 2 side doors. GVW was increased to 36 tonnes (curb weight was the same as 69502 - 18.5 tonnes). Top speed was reduced to 60 kph, fuel consumption grew up to 85 liters per 100 km. Range - 682 km. The chassis finished factory tests in 1991. BAZ 6954 was never used in the army.


Renault » Sherpa Dakar 2017

Mammoet Rallysport developed a new Renault Trucks Sherpa rallytruck for the Dakar 2017. The first racing Sherpa prototype burnt down some time ago and the team worked very hard with MKR Adventure to build a new truck for the rally. It based on a military Sherpa, but the rally version has a complete different layout, driveline and suspension. The new rally truck was debuted at the Dakar 2017 on January 1st.

Sherpa Dakar 2017Sherpa Dakar 2017Sherpa Dakar 2017Sherpa Dakar 2017

BAZ » 6948 / 69481

BAZ 6948 / 69481 were prototypes of 14-tonnes chassis intended to use as a part of a new missle complex Oka-U. Development of both models started in 1982 together with BAZ-69441. That's why all these vehiles were unified between each other. Like amphibious vehicles, BAZ 6948 / 69481 were equipped with displacement type metal hulls, but they were not sealed, and the vehicles could only be used on land. The main design of BAZ 6948 was similar to BAZ 69441 and 6944 with open bodies. The first and only BAZ 69481 was made in 1987. BAZ 6948 and 69481 chassis with a wheelbase of 6500 mm were equipped with two 210 hp diesels KamAZ 740 and the reinforced frame made of Z-shaped steel profiles. They also had PTOs for an electric generator and pump, as well as stand-alone electric and hydraulic systems of main units. Curb weight was reduced by 1 tonne. The 6948 was intended to deliver two missles in an open top cargo, while 69481 was fitted with a higher cargo compartment with closed top and 5-tonnes hydrocrane. In 1987 a new missle launcher system of a missle complex 9K715U 'OKA-U' was fitted on BAZ 69481 chassis. It would be used as part of reconnaissance-strike complex with access to information from the media airborne reconnaissance, which allowed advance produce rapid retargeting missiles. But future works were stopped.

6948 / 694816948 / 694816948 / 694816948 / 69481
BAZ 6948BAZ 69481BAZ 69481BAZ 69481
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