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BAZ » 69501П (69504)

12-ton commercial chassis BAZ 69501P (69504) was equipped with two 210-hp KamAZ engines. It got an all-metal flatbed cargo platform. Its dimensions - 6500x2816x557 mm.

69501П (69504)69501П (69504)69501П (69504)69501П (69504)

BAZ » 69506

BAZ 69506 is the prototype of the special flatbed chassis with a payload of 14 tonnes, developed for military purposes. It was a part of a second series of the range "Base-1". The main purpose of its development in such a bad moment in a heart of democratic transformation was connected with necessity of replacing twin-engined BAZ 69501 with a new model. After a devastating fire in the engine facility of KamAZ factory, the company stopped deliveries of engines to BAZ. That's why engineers decided to return to many years ago and use an old YAMZ diesel, which had been installed previously on BAZ-135MB. So, BAZ 69506 with a plastic cabin got a 300 hp tubocharged diesel engine YAMZ-238N with a new pre-heater, 8-speed gearbox and a transfer gearbox. Top speed was reduced to 60 kph. Fuel consumption was also reduced to 56 l/100 km, while range was increased to 1036 km. The main units were similar to BAZ 69501. BAZ 69506 passed military tests, but never went to service.


BAZ » 69502

BAZ 69502 is the prototype of a special long-wheelbase flatbed chassis with a payload of 13.3 tonnes, unified with BAZ 69501. This was the last army truck development of BAZ in USSR. It was made in 1990 and got the new 4-place metal cabin with increased resistance to damaging of a nuclear explosion factors, the rear slope of windshield and two hatches in the roof for enter/exit of the crew. Another feature was longer wheelbase increased to 7000 mm (1500+4000+1500 mm). Curb weight - 18.5 tonnes, GVW - 32.2 tonnes. Ground clearance - 470 mm, turning radius - 15 m. Overall dimensions - 11,300x3080x3050 mm. Front overhang was increased to 3025 mm (BAZ 69501 has 2760 mm).


BAZ » 69501

BAZ 69501 was a modernized multipurpose chassis for mounting of a havy military equipment and transporting loads weighting up to 14 tonnes. It was developed to be a replacement to BAZ 6950. The main disadvantage of the precessor was a tank engine UTD-25, which had low service life, poor adaptability to work at low temperatures, and other. A prototype 6950M made in December 1985 became a base for BAZ 69501 chassis. It was finished an endurance to the Pamirs and back the next summer, then passed military tests. BAZ 69501 went into the service in 1989. The mass production started in July 1988 and finished in 1993, when the supply of KamAZ engines stopped. Technically the new chassis was unified to the amphibious prorotype BAZ 69441, but had units similar to BAZ 6950. It was fitted with two diesel engines Kamaz-740 V8 (10,85 liters, 210 hp each), two dry clutches, two manual 5-speed gearboxes Kamaz-14, two transfer gearboxes with lockable differentials and two power take-offs. It saved the same wheelbase as the BAZ 6950 (6800 mm). Its overall dimensions were 11,040x3127x2970 mm. Clearance was reduced to 4500 mm. Curb weight - 17.5 tonnes, GVW - 31.9 tonnes. Top speed - 70 kph. Fuel consumption - 60 l/100 km. Range - 967 km.


BAZ » 6950

BAZ 6950 is a multipurpose chassis unified with amphibious BAZ-6944. It was developed for mounting special military equipment and transporting of huge loads with a weight of up to 12 tonnes. The first prototype was finished in 1979. The next year BAZ 6905 went into service and had been producing for 7 years. It got an reinforced welded tube frame and fiberglass heat-insulated 2-door cabin with a reverse slope windshield, OV-65G heater, and hatch in the roof. There is an engine compartment and all-metal flatbed body behind the cabin. The overall design was similar to BAZ 6944. BAZ 6950 got a 400 hp diesel engine UTD-25, transmission with a torque converter and 5-speed gearbox, and independent suspension. Its wheelbase was increased to 6800 mm. Overall dimensions - 10,800x3080x2910 mm. Clearance was reduced to 465 mm. GVW - 16 tonnes. Maximum speed - 75 kph. The chassis wasn't popular in the army, and produced in small quantities.


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