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BAZ » 135MBP

A pilot batch of a civil flatbed version BAZ 135MBP was built in 80s based on 135MBK. It had a payload of 8.5 tonnes and a flatbed body with low sides.


BAZ » 135MBK

BAZ-135MBK was a special multipurpose truck based on a military 135MB with an increased payload up to 12.1 tonnes and developed to transport heavy aircrafts and work with a trailers with a GVCW up to 37.5 tonnes. It was equipped with the same cabin without protection screens and an all-metal flatbed cargo with internal dimensions 7696x2586 mm. Two technical features: regular propelled shafts instead of constant-velocity joints and a 12-tonnes winch. Two 600 liters fuel tanks were installed, which allowed to go 1100 km without refuelling. New wide-profilt tires (1200x500-508) increased traction, but reduced road clearance to 385 mm. Compares with the 135MB this version was 400 mm longer. Wide - 3000 mm, height - 2880 mm. Curb weight - 13 tonnes, GVW - 25.5 tonnes. Maximum speed - 60 kph, with trailer - 50 kph. Fuel consumption - 73 l/100 km.


BAZ » PMM 'Wave'

In 1974, the first prototype of a wheeled self-propelled pontoon bridge vehicle PMM was built. It was created on a converted 300 hp chassis BAZ-135MB with a simplified cabin from ZIL-135LM with flat front mask, two hatches in the roof, a radio station and an internal intercom system. Its durable all-metal sealed hull with a frame had flat external aluminum panels, angular lines and open wheels housing. Two propellers with water rudders provided movement of the vehicle on water. Two sealed aluminium pontoons were placed on a deck. They had folding ramps, docking devices and a roadway. Afloat they were tilted in different directions and together with a flat deck formed a three-element bridge for military equipment weighing up to 42 tonnes. Deployment time - 3-4 minutes. Curb weight - 26 tonnes. Maximum speed on a highway - 60 kph, afloat - 11.5 kph, with a full load - up to 10 kph. The self-propelled pontoon bridge fleet consisted of 24 amphibians PMM with a coastal and transitional elements, which coould be quickly transformed into separate ferries. Heavy vehicles with GVW up to 126 tonnes could be shipped using two or three ferries linked together. PMM ferries fleet was impractical and unsuited to fulfill its basic functions. An important structural error of PMM vehicle were open wheels housing, significantly increased resistance afloat and reduced handling. In addition, the PMM vehicles were the most complex, large and expensive self-propelled ferries. Only 24 vehicles were produced till 80s.

PMM 'Wave'PMM 'Wave'PMM 'Wave'PMM 'Wave'

BAZ » 135MB

ZIL 135M documentation was sent to Bryansk vehicle factory in 60s. The base model was reworked to become BAZ 135MB. The first prototype was collected in 1962 by ZIL and was originally designed to be a part of a missile complex "Redoubt". The main feature of BAZ-135MB was the replacement of two petrol engines and automatic transmissions to one diesel and one manual gearbox, while saving all other units of the predecessor. The first prototype 135MB was made in 1965 and a year later went into production. In 1966, the car was put into service. The main design feature of BAZ-135MB with a payload of 9.8 tonnes was tits diesel engine YaMZ-238N V8 (14,87 liters, 300 hp) and a manual 8-speed gearbox YaMZ-238. The power unit was equipped with a turbocharger, starting preheater PZHD-44B, mixed lubrication system, two air and oil filters, forced liquid cooling system with a radiator and 24V electrical system. A 4-place cabin was equipped with folding shields windows and two rows of seats. If necessary, it housed up to six personnel. Externally, BAZ 135MB differed from ZIL 135M by horizontal ventilation slots on the flat front panel. Saving the same wheelbase (7600 mm), gauge and clearance, its overall dimensions weren't change significantly (11400x2860x3040 mm). Minimum turning radius - 14 m. Curb weight increased by 1.2 tonnes (11.7 tonnes), GVW increased to 21.9 tonnes, maximum speed - 65 kph. Fuel consuption at 50 kph was reduced by almost half - to 55 liters per 100 km, average fuel consuption - 90 - 175 liters. Range - 818 km. BAZ-135MB was the main chassis for missle launchers SPU-35 of a coastal missile complex "Redoubt", which is still in service. In 70s it was also used as a chassis for a missle complex "Flight" of Soviet Air Force. The same period a unique pontoon bridge machine PMM "Wave" was developed based on a special floating chassis BAZ 135MB.

BAZ 135MB with "Redoubt" missle complexBAZ 135MBBAZ 135MBBAZ 135MB with "Redoubt" missle complex

ZIL » E135G

In 1968, an experimental ZIL E135G with a 395 hp helicopter gas turbine engine GTE-350T based on ZIL 135L2 chassis was built. The engine workes with a hydromechanical 4-speed gearbox NAMI-090, developed in 1963-66. Another feature was a new inertial air cleaner with automatic dust removal. This version had the highest performance of all ZIL 135 range: maximum speed - 83 kph, but fuel consumption was increased by 3.5 - 4 times.


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