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BAZ » 6951P

One of the most original dual-used BAZ prototype was 11-ton truck BAZ 6951P fitted with two 260 hp KamAZ diesels mounted in the middle of the frame under the flatbed cargo platform. This allowed to optimize weight distribution between the axles, reduce noise level in the cabin and increase length of the cargo platform. But there was a main disadvantage, connected with overheating of the engines.


ГАЗ » 33097 'Sadko'

Intended to transport personnel and cargoes. The GAZ-33097 prototype vehicle is a further development of the well-known GAZ-66-11 truck model. The vehicle is the prototype of the GAZ-3308 and GAZ-33081 Sadko trucks. The vehicle uses a modern conventional bonnet cab with the cab internal volume increased as compared to the GAZ-66-11. The controls are arranged to modern requirements as the seat adjustment and the steering with a hydraulic booster ensuring high level of comfort under complicated vehicle operation conditions. The GAZ-33097 has the mounting characteristics not inferior to those of the GAZ-66-11 vehicle. The vehicle is designed for operation at an ambient temperature of -45 to +50 °C, a relative air humidity of up to 98 % at a temperature of +25 °C and a wind velocity of up to 30 m/s and in conditions of highlands at an altitude of up to 4,500 m with a capability of clearing passovers of up to 4,650 m. A four-stroke multifuel diesel engine with gas-turbine charging and a power of 81-88 kW (110-120 hp). The vehicle design permits installation of different models. A mechanical, three-way and 5-speed gearbox with continuous gear meshing and synchronizers for gears 2, 3. 4 and 5. A mechanical 2-step transfer gearbox with a direct drive and a reduction gear and with front and rear axle drives. Driving axles: final drive - of a bevel hypoid type, differential - of a limited-slip gearless type. Front suspension: longitudinal half-elliptic leaf springs with attachment in rubber cushions and hydraulic shock absorbers. Rear suspension: longitudinal half-elliptic leaf springs with attachment in rubber cushions and additional shock absorbers. Frame: stamped riveted type. Wheels: disk type with 228G-457 rims with bead and split locking rings. Tires: pneumatic, size 12.00-R18 or 12.00-R20. Air pressure regulation system: centralized and controllable from the cab. Steering: a mechanical steering drive with a hydraulic booster. A trauma-safe steering column. Brake systems: the working system is of a two-circuit type with separate axle deceleration and a hydrovacuum booster. The brake mechanism is of a drum type. The parking brake system is a of transmission type with a mechanical drive. Electrical equipment: a single-wire system, 24 V, two 6ST110A storage batteries or four 6ST55 storage batteries.

33097 'Sadko'33097 'Sadko'33097 'Sadko'33097 'Sadko'

ГАЗ » 3907

The first presentation of GAZ 3907 was held at the "Resque Eqipment 1994" public show. The presentation was modest, but mass media immediately noticed a new vehicle, called it "Russian Hummer". But the project was frozen later, after two prototypes finished factory tests. Only in 2007 production version GAZ 3937 'Vodnik' went into service.


ГАЗ » 3937 'Dragun'

GAZ 3937 'Dragun' T4 racing truck based on a multipurpose miliraty vehicle GAZ 3937 'Vodnik'. The racing version was developed specially for rally raids by Technoservise-NN company. Wheel configuration - 4x4, engine - 210 hp YAMZ-236N diesel, transmission - 5-speed manual, GVW - 5600 kg, road clearance - 475 mm, wheelbase - 3000 mm, turning radius - 10 m, suspension - independent of all wheels. The vehicle has a power steering. 2 racing 'Draguns' were made.

3937 'Dragun'3937 'Dragun'3937 'Dragun'3937 'Dragun'

ГАЗ » 39371 'Vodnik'

The main difference of GAZ 39371 from the GAZ 3937 in the front module design. The vehicle uses a three-seat module with the driver seat and the commander seat arranged in a row and the passenger seat being behind the driver. 'Vodnik' has modular design. Welded body has two detachable modules: front and rear. The front module includes crew cab and engine compartment. The rear module can be used to transport people or cargos, install of a special equipment. The main feature of this design is possibility to replace one module to another. So, one chassis with several modules can perform several different jobs. GAZ 39371 produced by Arzamas Vehicle Factory, not by GAZ factory.

39371 'Vodnik'39371 'Vodnik'39371 'Vodnik'39371 'Vodnik'

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