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MAZ-537 tractor with a payload on a fifth wheel of 25 tonnes was designed to work in a combination with a GCVW of up to 90 tonnes for delivery of tracked vehicles, oversized cargos, heavy weapons and missile systems. The development process started in 1956 in parallel with works on MAZ-535 and MAZ-536 tractors. The first prototypes were made at the end of 1958, then in March 1959 a small-scale production began. In 1964 the production was transferred to KZKT plant. MAZ-537 was adopted by 30 July 1962 and still is a part of the Russian Army.

From a technical point of view, MAZ-537 was similar to MAZ-535 with an enlarged by 300 mm wheelbase. It was equipped with a diesel engine D12A-525 V12 rated at 525 hp with a preheater, dual startup system and a circulation lubrication. The four front steering wheels had an independent torsion suspension. The tractoru version was also equipped with a power steering, pneumatic drum brakes and a 4-place cabin. Three headlights with ventilation hatches between them were placed on a front dash, but later versions were equipped with two headlights instead of three.

Wheelbase - 6050 mm (1700 + 2650 + 1700 mm), track of all wheels was extended to 2200 mm. Overall dimensions - 8960x2890x2880 mm, ground clearance was increased to 500 mm. The turning radius - 15.5 m. Curb weight - 21.6 tonnes, GVW - 47 tonnes, GCVW - 87 tonnes. Maximum speed - 60 kph. Fuel consumption - 125 liters per 100 km. Range - 650 km.

In 1958 MAZ 537G tractor was appeared with its own 15-tonnes winch, fuel tanks behind the cab, and increased up to 27 tonnes payload on the fifth wheel. It was designed to work with a heavy 3-axle semitrailer MAZ-796 or new 2-axle 50-tonnes multi-purpose trailer MAZ-5247G. MAZ 537A and 537G produced in Minsk by MAZ until 1964, then the production capacities were transfered to KZKT.

Another version of tracor - MAZ 537D was developed in 1959 to work as part of diffrerent missile systems. It had a 25-tonnes fifth wheel, and was additionally equipped with an AC generator station. Its was produced by KZKT since 1964. MAZ 537M (KZKT 537M) was equipped with 500 hp YAMZ 240NM-1B engine and a winch. MAZ 537E - tractor for towing an active semitrailer with gross weight up to 68 tons. It was equipped with a PTO and generator. Produced since 1966.

MAZ 537V had reduced by 7 tonnes (up to 18 tonnes) payload on a fifth-wheel. The fifth wheel was moved back by 345 mm due to a specific configuration of a trailer (container). MAZ-537V produced in limited quantities by the Ministry of Defense of the USSR orders and used to tow special 2-axle semi-trailers with containers for strategic UR-100 and 5V61 missles.

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MAZ 537GMAZ 537GMAZ 537MMAZ 537G
MAZ 537MMAZ 537MMAZ 537GMAZ 537G
MAZ 537MAZ 537GMAZ 537DMAZ 537G
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