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This advanced design truck was the first multiaxial multi-purpose military 8x8 off-road vehicle with an automatic transmission made in USSR. MAZ-535 was an artillery tractor developed to tow artillery systems with weight up to 10 tonnes, with GCVW up to 75.4 tonnes. The first two prototypes were collected in May and June 1956. The trucks had several unique features: automatic hydromechanical transmission, fully differential drive, independent suspension of all wheels, power steering, and a number of other features which were used for the first time in Soviet Union.

MAZ-535 had a classic layout with a permanent drive of all wheels, central location of the engine compartment, 2-door cab with a roof hatch and rear flatbed metal body with a tent. It was equipped with a 39-liter diesel engine D12A-375 V12, rated at 375 hp and equipped with two-stage air filtration system.

Fundamentally new transmission of own design consisted of a single-stage torque converter, planetary 3-speed gearbox, two-speed transfer gearbox, set of seven differentials, system of 16 cardan shafts and eight planetary hub reductions. The main novelty was a four-wheel torque converter with variable gear ratio provided smooth torque change depending on traffic conditions. The independent suspension of front steering wheels had hydraulic shock absorbers.

Vehicles of the first series were equipped with a cabin with three sloping windshields and a third lamp in the center of the front panel, which was used to infrared illumination of a road when using a night vision device. Later versions of MAZ-535 got two flat windscreens and increased height of the engine compartment. Behind were placed two fuel tanks with a capacity of 380 liters.

During the first tests a lack of strength of the frame was revealed, so in 1957 was created an updated version MAZ 535A with a reinforced frame, body and modified engine compartment. The following year, the factory began to produce them in small batches. MAZ 535A continued producing in Minsk until 1961, and then it was transferred to KZKT where small-scale assembly was carried out before the end of 1964. The latest editions featured two just two headlights instead of three.

Wheelbase - 2350+1700+1700 mm, distance between the centers of extreme axles - 5750 mm. Track of all wheels - 2150 mm, ground clearance - 475 mm. Curb weight of MAZ-535A - 19.4 tonnes, GVW - 25.4 tonnes. Overall dimensions - 8780x2805x2915 mm. Turning radius - 13.4 m. Maximum speed on a highway - 60 kph, with a trailer - from 20 to 40 kph. Cruising range - 700 km. Fuel consumption - 75 liters per 100 km.

535 / 535A535 / 535A535 / 535A535 / 535A
535 / 535A535 / 535A535 / 535A535 / 535A
535 / 535A535 / 535A535 / 535A535 / 535A
MAZ-535 prototypeMAZ-535AMAZ-535AMAZ-535A
535 / 535A535 / 535A

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