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Unknown models

Unknown models

  1. Woytek
    2012-06-29 14:53:48

    Mayby STAR 21

  2. Roland Duscha
    2012-07-07 15:11:30

    Saurer COE Cab / Panhard COE ( cab over engie ) airport fire engine

  3. Roland Duscha
    2012-07-07 15:13:09

    ... ok Saurer usted the same camion cab as Star 21 ;-)

  4. Димон
    2012-07-09 12:38:55

    Thornycroft Nubian Major/Pyrene Mk 7

  5. Димон
    2012-07-16 13:09:50

    Посмотрите и убедитесь

  6. alan ramsay
    2013-08-25 17:54:16

    Thornycroft Nubian Major , poss Mk7 , definately on trials and showing its capabilities to british officers from army/navy/air force , cab is a rough fit prototype only , definately a british appliance and a thornycroft

  7. John Warner
    2013-10-03 20:23:45

    It's not a Pacific with a civil cabin?

  8. BobSaget
    2015-02-18 02:06:16

    I think it is a Star brand but not the model 21

  9. john sullivan
    2016-03-04 23:45:46

    Thornycroft without doubt foam demo probably somewhere like Lasham

  10. Long Range Deserter
    2016-03-11 18:36:25

    Thornycroft, from grill. The cab shape reminds me of AEC Militant a bit. But then AEC, Scammell and Thornycroft all shared in the end.

  11. Cyril DEFEVER
    2016-03-28 01:32:27

    I don't know the truc, but it is a BIRO Fils french équipment similar to french air force VLEP on Man chassis.

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