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В 1996 г. турецкий филиал представил свою первую разработку - 5-тонный грузовик MB800 полной массой 8,3 т. Автомобиль получил оригинальную кабину, выпускаемую в Индонезии. На автомобиль устанавливается бразильский 4-литровый дизель мощностью 90-116 л.с. и испанская 5-ступенчатая КПП.

  1. willy
    2011-05-04 16:43:48

    butuh truck mercedez benz mb 800, dalam keadaan layak jalan, hubungi : 0812-9639540

  2. Hannes Botha
    2011-08-28 01:17:20

    Many blessings to Trucksplanet for all this info!

  3. Eugen
    2012-08-06 18:21:56

    i want to know what is the fuel tank capacity of the MB800 Turbo truck, thank you

  4. Gerald
    2012-08-16 12:17:20

    Hi, and i want to find out what the total capacity is what the MB800 can pull on a trailer.

  5. Ian
    2012-09-07 17:04:10

    I want to know what is the engine capacity of the mb800 and where to get parts internationally for the mb800.

  6. Susan
    2013-01-29 18:37:57

    I want to know where I can find a five speed gearbox for a Mercedes MB800 and the price please.

    2013-02-21 19:45:24

    Where can I find a new or used Engine for Mercedes-Benz MB800TrnI am also looking for crankshafts for MB800T

  8. ALTON
    2013-03-25 19:53:58

    What size batteries does the mb800 truck use

  9. siva
    2013-04-10 21:17:55

    I am looking for the front and rear wheel brake cylinders . Please can you assist to locate .Mercedes MB 800 Turbo .Urgent please

  10. NOAH
    2014-02-17 17:54:51

    I am looking for a complete engine and gear box for a MB800 truck and price

  11. Andrew Conteh
    2014-06-22 15:34:46

    Please help me how and where to buy an MB 800 Mercedes Benz Diesel Truck Power steering pump (complete Pump)

  12. babs dheda
    2014-08-26 13:34:47

    what battery must I purchase for the mb 800 turbo with and ade 364 engine

  13. Marco
    2014-10-04 00:24:14

    Hi i own a MB 800 Turbo that i need the steering pump. myne is soon going to give its last breath.

  14. Yaseen
    2015-01-06 11:54:56

    Hi. I am looking for brake drums for a 2003 MB800.

  15. itumeleng
    2015-03-15 23:21:25

    In Rosslyn (South Africa) there is a company called Six-O-Six truck spares. It stocks all ADE parts, includind the ADE364. Ive just rebuilt mine.
    Just google them.

  16. Itumeleng
    2015-03-15 23:25:15


  17. Richard
    2015-08-07 23:26:35

    I am looking for a gearbox mb 800 can anyone help me my no. 0786791878

  18. Thembinkosi
    2015-09-03 13:46:26

    Hi I am looking for MB800T Door Handles

  19. Flip Van Rhyn
    2015-11-10 00:35:38

    I need to know the diff ratio please.

  20. manie
    2015-12-19 15:26:59

    the truck were mobified to switch of with a cable (not working) can anyone help me with a diagram to switch the truck of like normal

  21. kavir
    2016-02-26 15:59:37

    Can someone pls assist to get the indicator lens for the MB800
    Proves to (the most difficult thing to get here in South Africa

  22. Fanie
    2016-06-09 11:39:22

    Looking for a seal on MB 800 diff Part no A-1205-D-1928

  23. Robert
    2016-08-10 21:16:12

    my cab is heavy to lift and the ride a bit hard. could somebody advise me on how to adjust the cab suspension torsion bar

  24. Thabo
    2016-08-12 21:47:47

    Hi all, I am looking for the park brake lining springs of MB800 truck, can anyone help me with that pls guys.

  25. Thabo
    2016-08-12 21:49:04

    My No. 083 779 2695

  26. José
    2016-10-25 20:05:51

    hello, I might say if I sell puden air filter pair 800 mb the truck and the price

  27. Raj gopal
    2016-11-16 00:01:18

    Hi i am looking for cabin for MB800. please asist me thank you.


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