American LaFrance » Type 0-10 / 0-11A / 0-11B

With the outbreak of the Korean War in 1950, America got the cold war jitters. Federal money was made available to purchase fire apparatus for Civil Defence and to bolster local fire protection. The American LaFrance Foamlite Co. was awarded several large contracts to build a new generation of advanced crash fire rescue trucks for United States Air Force. The first 0-10 CFR vehicle was handed over to the USAF in 1951. Over the next eight years, American LaFrance and Marmon-Herrington built more than 1,100 of these boxy all-terrain 0-10, 0-11A and 0-11B crash trucks, which could be airlifted anywhere in the world.

The U.S. Air Force 0-10 weighed 26,900 pounds completely loaded with 4,500 pounds of fire fighting agents, which were primarily carbon dioxide and a foam solution. Mechanically the 0-10 fit very well into the contemporary military fleet in that it used the same Continental Model R6602-71 engine used in the M-series 5-ton trucks, and the Spicer 6455 five-speed transmission and Timken T-136-1 two-speed transfer were also already in the supply system. The 602 cubic inch 240 hp engine gave a top speed of 60 miles per hour. A 300 gpm Hale pump was separately powered by a small four-cylinder Continental Model PE 90 engine.

The Type 0-11A became the second version. Dual foam nozzles replaced the single nozzle on the forward cab roof and four cab doors help to identify this type. The wheelbase had grown 25 inches to 190, and overall length had been extended from 26 feet, 5 inches, to 30 feet, 4 inches. Part of the size increase involved higher capacity for the fire fighting agents: 900 gallons of water, 100 gallons of foam, and 40 gallons of bromochlormethane. The drive train had also been changed, and a Continental S 6820-8 engine with 820 cubic inches and 310 horsepower had been installed, along with a Spicer 6854 or 6855 five-speed transmission and a two-speed Timken T-138 transfer case. Tires were bigger (14.00x20 instead of 12.00x20). The auxiliary engine for the Hale discharge pump was a Continental air-cooled eight-cylinder model PE-200-2.

American LaFrance's Type 0-11B was the last of the 0-10/0-11 series. They featured split and double hinged doors which allowed closer maneuvering, 11 inches longer overall length (at 31 feet, 3 inches), and a 100 gallon increase in the amount of water carried (to 1000 gallons). Other things were the same as the Type 0-11A.

Type 0-10 / 0-11A / 0-11BType 0-10 / 0-11A / 0-11BType 0-10 / 0-11A / 0-11BType 0-10 / 0-11A / 0-11B
American LaFrance Type 0-10American LaFrance Type 0-10American LaFrance Type 0-10American LaFrance Type 0-11A
Type 0-10 / 0-11A / 0-11BType 0-10 / 0-11A / 0-11BType 0-10 / 0-11A / 0-11BType 0-10 / 0-11A / 0-11B
American LaFrance Type 0-11AAmerican LaFrance Type 0-11AAmerican LaFrance Type 0-11AAmerican LaFrance Type 0-11A
Type 0-10 / 0-11A / 0-11BType 0-10 / 0-11A / 0-11BType 0-10 / 0-11A / 0-11BType 0-10 / 0-11A / 0-11B
American LaFrance Type 0-11AAmerican LaFrance Type 0-11AAmerican LaFrance Type 0-11AAmerican LaFrance Type 0-11B
Type 0-10 / 0-11A / 0-11B
American LaFrance Type 0-11B
  1. george bunting
    2011-08-29 22:21:31

    do you have die cast modles of these trucks.They were the first fire truck that I work with in 1954. In the U.S.A.f

  2. Gary Coddington
    2012-01-19 20:14:49

    Where did all these trucks go? Are any for sale as surplus? I only know of a few restored on display. I worked on a couple in the early 60's.

  3. Crash Brat
    2012-11-26 08:40:12

    Nice text. Production of the 0-11B ended the series with deliveries in 1957. All totaled, there were at least 1,878 units produced of the three trucks for the USAF. What's not clear is the number of 0-10's supplied to the Navy and Army and some foreign governments. Only the first 185 0-10s carried C02. 973 later trucks carried chlorobromomethane(CB). The 0-11A always had a 1000 gal capacity water tank which was duplicated on the "B". The 100 gal foam bladder inside the tank did not reduce the water tank by 100 gal. The extra length of the 'B' over the 'A' was mostly due to placing the ladder box across the back of the B. That made the ladder more accessible than being on top like it was on the 'A'. The 0-11B developed 15 more HP, due to an additional carb vs. only one carb on the 0-11A.

  4. Roland LaFrance, Sr
    2013-07-15 15:59:17

    The last one in line is at the Castle Air Museum. I have an album full of pictures of this rig, with the compartments open, as well.

  5. Dirk Lefler
    2013-07-23 23:55:13

    It seems I might have a Continental PE200-2 engine from one of these trucks. That is what I can derive from the nameplate. It is an air cooled 8 cylinder type and says "Continental Motor Corp." on the tag as well. I ran across it from a surplus/scrap dealer. It appears to be in decent shape and might be runnable with a minimum of work but I don't know for sure. If there is interest in this engine please message me. It certainly has a very unique look to it and starts many conversations among the antique engine crowd.

  6. robert vascik
    2013-08-21 23:38:08

    Picture #13 in 1980-83 this was a driveable vehicle. Since 1985 as it sits at Castle Air Park it really tears my heart. I arranged procurement for this vehicle.

  7. Dennie Darnell
    2013-08-29 09:44:29

    I own 3 O-11As-one is operable and 1 O-10 not operable-looking for the covers for the top turrants and some other minor parts including a foam bag.

  8. Don Fischer
    2013-09-07 21:11:13

    Dennie, do you know where I can find a tech manual for the O-11A? I know a former Air Force pilot here in amarillo that owns one and wants to restore it. Truck means a lot to him as he had an IFE years ago at Laughlin.

  9. Ray Meyer
    2013-10-22 05:54:35

    The Aerospace Museum of California, McClellan, CA has an O-11A on display.
    I believe we have the TO for it. I'm in Washington now, but will check the Museum when I get back next week.

  10. Thorsten Zeizinger
    2014-02-09 17:47:39

    Hi! We are looking for the measurements of the O-11 and O-10 crash trucks because we want to produce scale models in germany. Is it possible that anyone can send me some information? We want to produce the firstmodel with the rapid prototyping technique and sell it as resin model kits with the scale of 1/87!
    It would be very nice if anone can give us some informations...
    Greetz from Germany

  11. Slick
    2014-05-16 08:00:47

    Well i have one of the few remaining 0-11B crash trucks. I am redoing this truck minus all the gear, hose reels, tanks, etc. So they are for sale cheap as long as they go to another truck and not scrap. Also to the guy looking for measurements for a model i have the manual with all the dimensions and layouts of the truck. Pay for copies and give me a model when done and they are yours! Thank you for this site and for saving old iron.

  12. cody6268
    2014-05-20 07:26:16

    George Bunting: A Japanese brand called Tomica made a model called the Tokyu Crash Tender. The real one is made by Tokyu, another Japanese company, but the Tokyu crash tender is pretty much a rip off of the O11.

  13. Sidi
    2014-06-09 07:36:31

    Slick, I'm looking for some parts for an 0-11B restoration. I'm at

    Dennie D., I might be able to help on the 0-10

  14. marvin jumerickhouse
    2014-09-28 08:49:25

    as I remember it had a 6 cylinder drive engine and the pump was an 8 horzianly but not sure of that but it was an 8 I was a fireman at sembach Germany 65-68

  15. Morten
    2015-04-19 13:22:06

    project I'm doing to collect information and the opportunity to create a model of. There are O-10 American LaFrance Truck Crash which has been at Rygge Main Air Base in Norway. this is one of Norwegian Air Force bases.

    does anyone know if there are model of O-10 American LaFrance Crash Truck?

    this is my Nordic website with firetrucks

    2015-07-10 21:33:20

    I worked with O11A & B at Truax AB Wisconsin, loved driving those monsters. Went to Greenland AB Sonderstrom, where we operated, 2 O11A's, a CARDOX 06, we used to sit online on standby during aircraft maintenance and the gasoline heaters kept it so toasty and warm the A/C mechanics would come to warm them selves and give us a cussing for the comfort we enjoyed on those COLD days and nights. Scott AFB, Illinois, had the CARDOX, 2 O11A's and later on, got their first P2... Civilians dominated the control of the driving or operation on the P2, so, military hardly ever got to drive or operate the P2.
    At Takhli, AB Thailand, we had an O10 that was a maintenance night mare, when you operated the turret you got showered by hydraulic oi8l, The Tai AF had an O10 that appeared brand new, because IF the showed up on an aircraft emergency, it was rare and as soon as their any sign of smoke they went back to their station... Complaints about the equipment was constantly and finally one day, they advised us that we were getting 3 or 4 fire trucks. We rushed to the unloading area and watched as the new Dodge Red P6 pickups were unloaded... Had plenty of vehicles for the ranking NCO's to drive then...

  17. Mellissa
    2015-12-12 14:00:59

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  18. gordon olson
    2016-01-26 05:09:42

    iam trying to get info on the p-2 fire truck , pics models ,any info thanks Gordon tx

  19. Ron
    2016-02-05 16:26:16

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  21. Ben
    2016-06-20 06:27:26

    My father-in-law just disassembled an O-10 recently. He as all the parts for the engine, transmission, axles and other smaller parts, though the body has been spoken for. If anyone is looking for O-10 parts shoot me an email and I'll get you in contact with him.

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