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Komatsu presents Innovative Autonomous Haulage Vehicle at MineExpo 2016

Komatsu presents Innovative Autonomous Haulage Vehicle at MineExpo 2016

Komatsu presents an Autonomous Haulage System dump truck on Mine Expo 2016. It was designed from the ground up to be completely autonomous. As you can see, there’s no longer a driver’s cab. In fact, aside from the direction the dumping bed raises, the self-driving truck doesn’t really have a front or back. It can drive in either direction equally well thanks to four-wheel steering, which in turn means a strip mine doesn’t need to allocate space for one of the massive vehicles to turn around after each trip so a driver can see where they’re going. It can simply shuttle back and forth, reversing direction as needed.

Navistar CatalIST beats DOE efficiency goals, hits 13 MPG

Navistar CatalIST beats DOE efficiency goals, hits 13 MPG

Navistar has revealed that its SuperTruck program demonstration vehicle, CatalIST, exceeded the improvement goals set by the Department of Energy for the SuperTruck program. CatalIST achieved a freight efficiency improvement of 104% compared to the DOE’s control vehicle, sipping diesel at 13 mpg. The vehicle also demonstrated 50.5% Brake Thermal Efficiency and Navistar said it is on the path towards 55% BTE.

The vehicle was named CatalIST because it will serve as the catalyst for significant improvements in future commercial trucks. The last three letters of CatalIST stand for International SuperTruck, referencing the vehicle’s International Trucks branding. Through the program, the company was able to make improvements to its own vehicle technology. One innovation from the program was Navistar’s predictive cruise control, which looks ahead of the vehicle and recognizes terrain, continuously calculating the most efficient speed and gear for better fuel economy in real time.

Other improvements included:

  • Advanced integration of Navistar N13 Engine utilizing proprietary intelligent controls and high-efficiency combustion.
  • Reduction in aerodynamic drag through replacement of cab- and hood-mounted mirrors with a series of cameras and interior-mounted monitors, which also yield equal or better indirect vision for the driver.
  • A new LED headlamp system that reduces lamp size for a more aerodynamic shape and cuts electrical power requirements by greater than 80%, while improving luminous output and light color for improved night-time direct driver vision and reduced driver fatigue.
  • An all-new shape with a sloped windshield and wedged cab for improved aerodynamics. Innovative use of lighter-weight carbon-fiber panels in the upper body, roof headers, back panel, and dash panel.
  • A hybrid front suspension and lightweight rear suspension that leverages lightweight alloys with composite materials, reducing weight and enabling an electronic ride height management system, which provides dynamic ride height and pitch control for improved aerodynamics.
  • Aerodynamic improvements that reduce the trailer's drag coefficient by more than 30%.

The vehicle is part of the DOE’s SuperTruck program – a five-year research and development initiative aimed at improving freight efficiency, based in the measure of the payload carried while burning less fuel. Its objective is to develop and demonstrate a 50% improvement in overall freight efficiency on a Class 8 tractor-trailer vehicle as measured in ton-miles per gallon of diesel fuel.

The Dutch company Van Winkoop made a 90 cm longer cab for Scania R- and S-series

The Dutch company Van Winkoop made a 90 cm longer cab for Scania R- and S-series

The new Scania R- and S- series has just been presented, however the Dutch company Van Winkoop is providing an extended version. With this new ‘Longline’ style Van Winkoop is saying a ninety cm longer cab. Van Winkoop is also the company who produced the longer versions of the Volvo FH and DAF XF cabs. The longer version will be available at the end of 2017.

Western Star fans are paying tribute to "Smokey and Bandit" movie with this special 5700EX

Western Star fans are paying tribute to

More than 35 years after the debut of “Smokey and the Bandit,” Western Star fans are paying tribute to the classic movie with its newest star – “Bandit”, the “Design Our Star Project: Part II” show truck. The 2017 5700XE was built from the ground up by fans and customers, who selected the truck model, application, engine, interior and exterior options and more through voting rounds on Western Star’s social media channels. Almost 16,000 votes were cast to create the final truck.

KrAZ showcased for its workers a cabover MRAP

KrAZ showcased for its workers a cabover MRAP

September 23rd, AvtoKrAZ showcased for its factory workers a newly built AWD MRAP. Its distinguishing feature - cabover layout. It is lighter and more maneuverable than a bonneted KrAZ Shrek. The new vehicle, which name and technical details are unknown yet, can be used by the police or security services, as well as in an army. It is expected that the new MRAP will be presented at the international exhibition "Зброя та Безпека 2016" in Kiev.

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