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All DAF engine variants are available as EEV now

All DAF engine variants are available as EEV now

In the spring of 2008, DAF was one of the first truck manufacturers able to supply EEV versions as an option for all its models (LF, CF and XF) and is now further extending its leading position in the field of engine development by being the first truck manufacturer to offer EEV versions for all of its engine ratings.Due to the further optimization of the engine management system, several versions of the 12.9-litre PACCAR MX engine can now also comply with the EEV standard without a soot particle filter. This currently applies to the 265 kW/360 hp and 300 kW/410 hp versions and from the start of 2011 will also include the 340 kW/460 hp version, which are installed in the DAF CF85 and XF105. The fact that the EEV emissions values will be achieved without a soot particle filter means a weight advantage of some 30 kilograms, whilst more room is left free on the chassis for the fitting of larger fuel tanks.
EEV specifications can also be met by the 4.5-litre four-cylinder PACCAR FR and 6.7-litre PACCAR GR engines in the LF and CF65 models without the use of a soot particle filter.

Exclusive series DAF XF "Blue Edition"

Exclusive series DAF XF

The other new model on the DAF's booth on the IAA 2010 in Hannover is special version DAF XF "Blue Edition". Following on from DAF's successful "White Edition", its "Blue Edition" is now rolling off the production line at its site in Eindhoven. Just like its predecessors in the series of "Limited Edition" models, the XF105 Super Space Cab "Blue Edition" stands out because of its exclusive paint colour and many detailed features. This special series with the impressive Super Space Cab with Skylights, specifically designed for the German market, is a business card for every transport operator. The exterior of the XF105 "Blue Edition" stands out because of its unusual paint colour and the contrasting blue of the mirror covers.

DAF puts the LF Hybrid truck into production

DAF puts the LF Hybrid truck into production

DAF will start production of the DAF LF Hybrid, a 12 tonne distribution truck with a parallel hybrid system, before the year is out. This follows a comprehensive field test where vehicles have been tested for two years in the most diverse practical applications in daily use with customers in Great Britain and on the Continent. The use of hybrid technology can lead to a reduction in fuel consumption and therefore CO2 emissions of between 10 and 20%, depending upon the application.

The DAF LF Hybrid uses a parallel diesel/electric hybrid system, where the truck is driven by the diesel engine, the electric engine or a combination of both. The truck is fitted with the 4.5-litre PACCAR FR diesel engine, which complies with the ultra-low EEV emission requirements as standard, without a soot filter. In the LF Hybrid, this engine produces a maximum power of 118 kW/160 hp and is linked to an automatic Eaton six-speed gearbox (Autoshift). An electric motor has been installed between the clutch and the gearbox, which can provide drive as well as functioning as a generator. Energy released during braking is stored in the lithium-ion batteries and reused when accelerating. Depending on the degree of charge of these lithium-ion batteries, a central computer determines when the diesel engine provides the drive and when and to what extent the electric motor is used. The battery pack for the hybrid system weighs around 100 kilos and consists of ninety-six 3.4 Volt cells. When these batteries are fully charged, the LF Hybrid truck can travel about two kilometres electrically without needing the diesel engine to drive it. In practice, this is enough to drive in and out of the "green zones" in city centres. The LF Hybrid is also fitted with a start/stop system. The DAF LF45.160 Hybrid is only 300 kilograms heavier in total than the standard model with a diesel engine alone.

Seating high, watching far!

Seating high, watching far!

There are many prohibits for entering trucks in the downtown. But we need to deliver goods to the shops, restaurants and cafes somehow! For this puproses designer Hamit Kanuni Kuralkan has developed project Forklift Delivery Vehicle for Honda. Apparently, the pickups are no longer in vogue! How else to explain efforts of engineers and designers who are trying to invent new forms of car bodies and new ways to deliver a small quantity of goods to the downtowns.

This unusual vehicle is both passenger vehicle and delivery truck. The secret of the unity of the Forklift Delivery Vehicle is in a two-storey contstruction. The fact that the driver's cab is at some elevation, like it is a mobile crane vehicle. And it turns out that the driver will be sitting at a height comparable with the height of highway trucks. A place for the goods in this unusual vehicle from Honda is on the "ground floor", that is already under the driver's cabin.

AutoKraz begins serial producing of KrAZ T17.0EH model

AutoKraz begins serial producing of KrAZ T17.0EH model

The Holding Company "AutoKrAZ" starts mass production of the truck tractor KrAZ T17.0EH "Burlak" that has successfully completed certification tests for compliance with GOST. Super truck KrAZ T17.0EH is intended to transport trailers with gross weight up to 75 tons (twice more than the 6446 model with the same curb weight).

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