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At the begin of 1951, together with the companies Diamond T and International Harvester, the Mack was involved in a production of the standardized 5-ton army M54 series truck (6x6). The first trucks of all three manufacturers practically did not differ from each other, but the Mack made especially specialized vehicles: M51 dump trucks with rear unloading, long wheelbase M46 and M78 trucks to transport missiles and it's parts, heavy wreckers, trucks with special bodies, and the chassis M139 with a wheelbase of 5460 mm used as the 60-ton vehicle-launched bridge M328, also served to transport the pontoons and light landing crafts. Since 1958 the updated chassis M139D was used as the launcher M289 for the Honest John surface-to-surface missiles. All the trucks were equipped with the gasoline-powered Continental R6602 engine with output of 190 hp and mechanical 5-speed gearbox Spicer. In 1962, the Company started production of its own range A1, which was included the basic flatbed truck M54A1, dump truck M51A1 and tractor M52A1. Trucks were equipped with the 6-cylinder diesel Mack ENDT-673 turbo engine (11,0 l, 205 hp) and a new gearbox Spicer . Later on the long wheelbase chassis M63A1 was produced the flatbed truck M78A1 for a delivery of missiles, and on the chassis M139F - truck M386 for service of missile systems adopted by the arming of the Bundeswehr.

  1. ra
    2015-08-09 01:06:57

    No idea about author of this page, it makes little historical or factual sense, not researched well and has several errors.. Refer to US Army TM's as proof.

    1; Mack was in no way a 6x6 5T builder in 1951.. The huge majority of the gas-powered 5T trucks of the 1951-64 era were built by IHC.. It was only from 1952 to 1956 when Mack built a small amount of R6602-powered M51, M52, M54, M55, and M61 per an agreement with IHC... IHC was the only builder of 5T's in 1951, and IHC continued production until 1964... The author is correct that Diamond-T also got [a small portion of] R6602-powered 5T production... 2; ALL non-cummins-powered 5-tons were of the M39-series, not ''m54-series'' as incorrectly stated on this site. The M54 is a cargo truck within the M39-series parent lineup.. 3; the M46 and M60 are deuces, not 5T's. Their mention doesn't even belong on this page, plus Mack had NO hand in deuces WHATSOEVER .. 4; Cannot locate any mention of a 5T ''M78'' in official TM's anywhere nor anything to do with it and mack... 5; The basic models [not A1, not A2] have gasoline continental R6602 rated at 224hp, not ''190'' as stated on page. With certain minor tweaks it easily made 240hp.. The A1 models [have mack endt-673 diesel power] are 205hp, could be upped to 220 easy ... The A2 models [have continental LDS465 multifuel] are 180hp, sometimes found tweaked to 205... 6; In 1960-63, the A1's appeared. Mack and Diamond-T shared this brief contract to install the mack 673 diesel in older R6602 gas 5T trucks awaiting rebuild into A1's.. Not all A1's were built by Mack, as IHC and Diamond-T A1's also exist.. 7; The first five ''m51'' pictures are of M51A1 or A2 models, not basic M51, the first being a inverted pic .. 8; Three of the ''M54'' pics are of M54A1 or A2 models, not basic M54 .. 9; The first picture, and the last two pictures, and the m60 picture, all of them are not of models belonging to this mack discussion

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