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Unknown models

Unknown models

  1. Димон
    2012-07-16 12:38:05

    Она уже есть в архиве, решили что это передвижная лавка от Baeten

  2. Westcoast
    2012-08-04 14:25:51

    Mobile shop van body by Baeten on Peugeot J7 drivetrain. From the large chimney protruding on top of it we can assume it is either used as chicken roasting and fries or pizza truck

  3. Roland Duscha
    2014-07-29 15:31:48

    Willeme / Berliet / Panhard / Peugeot J 7 / Citroen or Beford, Cummer, Dennis - all the same front. ;-) :-) A lot of cabs and body of camions are built by other firms with the same body and other engines.

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