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Tesla has officially unveiled its long-awaited Semi pure electric truck at the special show in November 2017. The truck is equipped with four independent electric motors — one for each rear wheel. It also has an independent front suspension. Tesla SEMI has only one gear so you don't need constantly shifting gears.

Designers of Tesla SEMI put the driver into the center of the cabin, like a race car. The driver has complete visibility of the road and the surroundings. He can also stand up inside. The dashboard is extremely simply with a steering wheels and two LCDs. The great feature is a small trunk in the front. Tesla is integrated with all fleet systems.

One thing Tesla is really cares is a performance. They wanted to create a truck that feels incredible and accelerate like nothing else. It takes only 5 second for Tesla SEMI to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph, and 20 second in combination with a trailer with a GCVW of 40 tonnes. 3 times faster than any regular diesel truck. The best diesel trucks can do only 45 mph up a 5% descent. Tesla SEMI can do 65 mph in the same conditions. This means you can earn up to 50% more per mile than you're in a diesel truck.

But the main question about electric trucks is how far can they go? Tesla SEMI has 500 miles range at maximum weight at highway speeds. Vast majority of routes are under 250 miles. This means you can go to your destination and back even if your destination has no charging. Drivers can charge they trucks during their stops for a rest. 80% charging takes only 30 minutes.

How do Tesla achieved this? First of all, they designed it to be like a bullet. Cx of Tesla SEMI is 0.36, when current diesel trucks have 0.65-0.70. Even Bugatti Chiron's Cx is 0.38. The truck has also side flaps that map to whatever trailer you're pulling: a new trailer or old-fashioned one. They close the gap between the truck and trailer. The bottom of the truck is also completely flat. So air can flow straight through. These things you'll not find on any other truck.

Every future Tesla SEMI will have an autopilot system as standard. The truck will automatically brake, and automatically lane keep as well. Reliability is very important moment. Tesla is going to guarantee that the truck will not break down for at least 1 million miles. You can lose 2 of 4 motors and continue driving. Production will begin in 2019.


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