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The main military purpose for uniaxial tractors MoAZ was towing of loading or installation units (installers) for placing of ballistic missiles in a starting position. The installer was a long wheelbase two-axle semi-trailer with rear dual wheels on a spring suspension and a powerful welded frame of U-profile, connected to a fifth wheel of the tractor. These vehicles were used for maintenance of R-12 and R-14 missles.

Delivery of R-12 missles from special storage facilities to a launch site was carried out by four axle trailers 8T115 with MAZ-535A tractors. An installer 8U210 with MAZ-546P tractor was used to room the missle with a connected warhead to a starting position. The idea of such installers was not perfect. Too massive installers with uniaxial tractors had lack of power and payload, they could not move quickly and produce precise docking of a rocket on a launch pad. Since the late 1960s, more powerful four-axle tractors with special semi-trailer systems started to replace them. Despite this, R-12 and R-14 installers were in service until the late 1980s.

Most of heavy load and unload works of the first ballistic missiles made by 10-ton cranes 8T26. It was based on a short semi-trailer trolley with dual wheels, drum brakes and four folding legs. The crane had a two-section telescopic boom with a 4.5 m lenght and cabin for operator. Lifting height was 9.5 m. 8T26 was used to assembly of a ballistic missiles R-12U, R-16U and R-36 before the installation.

8T26 crane with MoAZ-546P tractor8T26 crane with MoAZ-546P tractor8T26 crane with MoAZ-546P tractor8T26 crane with MoAZ-546P tractor
8T26 crane with MoAZ-546P tractor8U210 installer of a missle R-12 (8K63) with MoAZ-546P tractorMobile warehouse SPS-2 with MoAZ-546P tractor

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