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Неизвестные модели

Неизвестные модели

Грузовик сфотографирован в порте Картагена, Колумбия. Надпись с обеих сторон капота гласит "Motor Leyland".

  1. sabino
    2011-05-28 08:50:08

    This is a Western Star.

  2. TrucksPlanet
    2011-05-31 13:26:34


  3. Walter
    2011-06-24 07:44:07

    Judging from the cab and fenders, I'd say it's a mid seventies (possible foreign brand knock off) GMC general. The hood is wider than usual, perhaps larger radiator for warmer climate and rougher terrain.

  4. sufyan
    2011-08-28 09:16:11

    It could be a MACK an american model truck

  5. zond
    2012-02-28 19:16:40

    It is birtish made Leyland companie.

  6. John Warner
    2012-03-03 23:44:18

    Dudes, maybe, it's VW Constellation?

  7. Bertalan Kiss
    2012-03-04 00:40:03

    International (in my opinion). Yes, it's very similari like a White, but White had a wider frame around the cooler grille.

  8. behzad
    2012-03-12 11:19:19

    its a whitegmc autocar

  9. Димон
    2012-04-18 09:38:27

    Не стоит искать среди крупных брендов !
    Это латиноамериканская (Мексика, Уругвай и т.п.) полукустарщина

  10. Julián HenBer
    2012-10-06 13:02:07

    Las luces son de un Chevrolet Super-Brigadier modelo 1990. La carrocería, el chasis y el motor podrian ser Leyland. El camión esta modificado. Tiene diferentes partes y piezas de diferentes camiones.rnФары Super-бригадный Chevrolet 1990 модельного.Кузова, шасси и двигателя может быть Leyland.Грузовик будет изменен. Оно имеет различные части и различных грузовиков.rnThe lights are a Super-Brigadier Chevrolet 1990 model. The body, chassis and engine could be Leyland. The truck is modified. It has different parts from different trucks.

  11. Димон
    2012-10-08 11:13:54

    The Colombian Automotive Factory SA (Colmotores)

  12. Димон
    2012-10-08 11:41:50

    Сейчас этоrnhttp://www.chevrolet.com.cоrnВ свое время выпускали грузовики Austin отсюда видимо и движки Leyland.rnЕсть филиалы в Венесуэле и Эквадоре.

  13. eyad
    2012-10-18 00:33:34


  14. Димон
    2012-10-18 10:28:52

    INTERNATIONAL-Блин! А я дурашка не догадался !)))
    Жаль только движок Leyland а не ЯМЗ)))

  15. Valente
    2013-02-14 06:52:15

    Probably an ACLO (the name used by british AEC in South america), powered by a British Leyland engine. The AEC/ACLO was owned by Leyland and finished the production in 1979.

  16. BobSaget
    2015-02-18 01:39:11

    Has to be a GMC Brigadier

  17. BobSaget
    2015-02-18 06:22:24

    On second thought it is probably a Leyland because it sais "Leyland" on the side most likely Leyland's attempt to sell in Columbia because if it were british, it would say "leyland motors" or something like that. Probably used for logging or off road uses. On the show Ax-Men on History channel one of the loggers uses this same type of truck.

  18. bubba
    2015-11-08 01:12:14

    Shit box


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