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The Autocar Construcktor 2 was designed for on/off highway application. Incorporating White’s standard engineering, the Autocar Construcktor 2 has wide-ranging specialized design and equipment features required for heavy-duty service. The unit is available with BBC’s of 94, 104 and 118 in.

"The introduction of the Autocar Construcktor 2 broadens the spectrum of applications offered by the Autocar Series”, says A. Gordon Clark, vice president-sales and marketing for the White Motor Truck Group. “With the Road Xpediter 2 at one extreme for metropolitan use and short-haul duty, and the Road Boss 2 and Road Commander 2 serving the highway market, this tough machine takes care of those off-road chores that call for a heavy duty unit.”

One important vehicle feature is the frame rails, which follow White’s variable section drop frame. Behind the cab, where the stress is at its maximum, the rail section depth is 14% in. The single channel frame is rated at more than 1,5 million in. lb in the straight section, with a deep section resisting bending moment of 2,534,000 in. lb. Optional frames extend all the way up to an RBM of 6,624,000 in. lb, using a double channel frame with one reinforcement.

To further increase durability, White engineers placed all cross members back to back. The design includes stamped, full depth members, attached with SAE grade 8 bolts (as a minimum) with self-locking flange head nuts. Front power take-off allowance is standard; however, optional front frame extensions are an integral extension of the frame rather than a bolted or welded addition.

According to engineers, the Autocar Construcktor 2 steering gear is designed for better geometry and ease of handling and service. The gear is placed ahead of the front axle and outside the frame. A right-hand ram is standard on axles rated at 16,000 lb or more and power steering is standard on all axles rated at 14,000 lb or more.

To insure sufficient cab protection, panels and vulnerable structural parts are hot-dipped galvanized steel. Treated with a seven stage zinc phosphate wash, the cab is submerged in electro-deposited primer before it is painted.

Air is cleaned through White’s “Command-Aire” system, which draws in air through a wide opening at the base of the windshield. Although this is an area of higher air pressure, the large opening moderates air flow, keeping out unwanted air and moisture. Lower intake restrictions can permit a higher level of fuel economy, engine power and filter life.

The Construcktor 2 brings all electrical circuits to one central replaceable module for easy repair Additionally, all air lines are connected to a central pneumatic manifold and can be snapped in or out quickly and securely.

The vehicle’s exterior has also been designed for maximum efficiency with a “sleek, wide hood that is free of encumbrance, said Clark. No more will operators have to worry about damaging an air intake filter in a tight squeeze. Everything is inside the hood, the same wide hood that, combined with the drop frame design, makes engine service a snap. The Autocar Constructor 2 is available with a wide range of engines (230-450 hp), transmissions and axles.

Construcktor 2Construcktor 2Construcktor 2Construcktor 2
Construcktor 2Construcktor 2Construcktor 2Construcktor 2

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