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An off-highway, rear dump truck equipped with planetary gear drive rear axle and rated at 25-ton payload capacity has been developed by Autocar Division in 1957. It is the second of a line of planetary-gear equipped models aftet AP-15. The new member of the line, the Model AP-25, is available with either a 335 or a 375-hp diesel engine. Weight-to-horsepower ratios of up to 270-to-l are provided by Cummins turbo charged diesels of 743 cu in. piston displacement. Planetary-gear drive rear axle has the planetary reduction taking place at each outer end of the rear axle. This design reduces torque loads on the differential and axle shafts.

Adjustable steering wheel can be moved forward or backward over an arc of 15° and can be raised or lowered a full two inches. The AP-25 also has a fully adjustable seat. All-welded box section frame is constructed of steel, and is internally reinforced throughout its full length with corrugated steel plate which is plug welded to alternate sides of the box section at 30-in. intervals and is also welded to the tension member of the box section. Frame weighs more than 7200 lb and has been designed specifically to withstand the torsional loads encountered in off-road operations.

Cab has been designed for off-highway work. It has been moved forward 11 in. and offset 13.25 in. to the left, allowing a reduction in the wheelbase and overall length of the truck. Left half of the cab is built to full depth to allow driver ample space, while right side is cut back to provide access to the engine. “Service Center” located on the right running board includes an easily accessible large diameter oil bath cleaner, a “Luber-Finer” bypass type oil filter, the hydraulic steering reservoir, and—in the case of the vehicles equipped with the torque converter—a transmission oil filter.

Radiator is assembled in five sections—upper and lower tanks, two side-brackets and the core itself. It is so designed that, in case of accident in the field, repairs can be made by simply replacing the damaged section. Allison torque converter and planetary gear transmission permits the driver, while under full power with a full load, to shift without changing the throttle setting. The Allison “Torqmatic” brake, providing downhill braking, and a direct drive lock-up clutch are supplied as integral parts of this converter-transmission package. The Autocar AP-25 also is available with the Fuller R-1150 nine-speed RoadRanger transmission and with an air operated clutch.

There was also an unique tractor AP-25T which worked with an off-road dump semi-trailer. The official brochure also included an information about 30-ton AP-30 dump truck.

AP-25 / AP-30AP-25 / AP-30AP-25 / AP-30AP-25 / AP-30
Autocar AP-25Autocar AP-25Autocar AP-25Autocar AP-25
AP-25 / AP-30AP-25 / AP-30AP-25 / AP-30AP-25 / AP-30
Autocar AP-25Autocar AP-25Autocar AP-25TAutocar AP-25


Autocar AP-15 / AP-25Autocar AP-25T
Autocar AP-15 / AP-25Autocar AP-25T

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