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Active formation of military truck range began with the first salvos of World War II. It included the range of serial bonneted trucks with six-cylinder overhead valve petrol engines, 4-speed gearboxes, hydraulic brakes, spring suspensions, all-metal standard or simplified cabin without doors but with a light canvas awning. The base model was a multi-purpose 1.5-ton truck K30 (YC). In 1941 it was produced with a closed cab version from the civil version (it had index GS). But the most famous British military truck of World War II was a two-ton model K2 (Y) with 60-horsepower engine and all single wheels. In 1944-45 the company produced 63 hp version K2A with an all-metal cabin. 27.8 thousand copies of these vehicles were made, including 13,102 ambulances.

From August 1939 to June 1945 the company produced 17 thousand of 3-ton trucks K3 with doubled rear wheels. The main versions of the K3 were radio vehicle YJ with single rear wheels and 3 axle all-wheel drive model YF (6x6) produced from 1941 to 1942. Civil 4-ton chassis K4 was used to install fire-fighting equipment and ladders which were used in air defense system.

K30 / K2 / K3 / K4K30 / K2 / K3 / K4K30 / K2 / K3 / K4K30 / K2 / K3 / K4
Austin K30Austin K2Austin K2Austin K2
K30 / K2 / K3 / K4K30 / K2 / K3 / K4K30 / K2 / K3 / K4K30 / K2 / K3 / K4
Austin K2Austin K2Austin K3Austin K3
K30 / K2 / K3 / K4K30 / K2 / K3 / K4K30 / K2 / K3 / K4K30 / K2 / K3 / K4
Austin K4Austin K4Austin K3Austin K3
K30 / K2 / K3 / K4K30 / K2 / K3 / K4K30 / K2 / K3 / K4K30 / K2 / K3 / K4
Austin K3Austin K3Austin K3Austin K4
K30 / K2 / K3 / K4K30 / K2 / K3 / K4
Austin K4Austin K3
  1. Colin Murray
    2013-10-04 23:31:57


    Just wanted to correct picture number 14 or 2nd row from the bottom 2nd left.
    Its an Austin K2 GS lorry not a K3.
    I know this as its mine!



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    2015-09-23 19:04:33

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