Austin » K2 / K4 Loadstar

In 1949 the production of the most famous Austin truck with more streamlined shapes was began. The new model was called Loadstar or "Series II". It was offered in 2 versions - K2 and K4 - with a load capacity from 2 to 5 tonnes, a wheelbase of 2,9-4,0 meters, 125-horsepower 6-cylinder engine with a capacity of 3995 cm3 and a vacuum brake booster. This was the last company's developed Austin truck. In the early 50s the economic difficulties forced several British companies, including Austin and Morris, to form a joint venture British Motor Corporation, or BMC. In 1956, a "Series III" was presented with a new unified cabin.

K2 / K4 LoadstarK2 / K4 LoadstarK2 / K4 LoadstarK2 / K4 Loadstar
Austin K2 LoadstarAustin K2 LoadstarAustin K2 LoadstarAustin K2 Loadstar
K2 / K4 LoadstarK2 / K4 LoadstarK2 / K4 LoadstarK2 / K4 Loadstar
Austin K4 LoadstarAustin K4 LoadstarAustin K4 LoadstarAustin K4 Loadstar
K2 / K4 LoadstarK2 / K4 LoadstarK2 / K4 LoadstarK2 / K4 Loadstar
Austin K4 LoadstarAustin K4 LoadstarAustin K2 LoadstarAustin K2 Loadstar
K2 / K4 Loadstar
Austin K4 Loadstar


Austin LoadstarAustin Loadstar
Austin LoadstarAustin Loadstar
  1. Antonio
    2012-04-03 02:35:51

    Hello: I am a fan of the classic trucks and in I make concrete of that of the image 13, the Austin K-4 of the year 1956. Because of it me gustaria to know if this one takes engine Perkins or BMC and algun date back mas informatively. A greeting Thank you

  2. Hugh Mackenzie
    2013-02-10 12:52:38

    In regards to opening comment above rnThe Loadstar Austins which I were familiar with in New Zealand 2= 1951 5 ton models and others all had an approx 3.5 litre motor of around 50 - 70 horsepower the 3995cc engine came out in the Series 3 approx 1956 and the horsepower of the latest ones I had a lot to do with was a face lift of the series 3 and called a WEK 60, 100 or 120 being 3 , 5 or 6 tonrnthere was 4 petrol engine options the three ton had a I think the Model engine was called a 40C at around 60 HP the 5 and 6 ton models had a 40D or 40K of similar HP around 80 HP another option was the high speed engine called the 40E which had bigger inlet valves a Stromberg carburettor and in the truck had 102 HP this engine was also used in the Austin Sheerline Limo The later WFK model truck came out in NZ in 1965 used similar engines, this truck had a further face lift of one piece windscreen 4 headlights and the heavy doors had the bottom section cut off exposing the lower cab step when the door was closedrnI have the correct horsepower figures and cc rating of the engines in workshop manuals stored elsewhere and if any body wants any info from these manuals I have no problem in replying to any emials received rnRegards and Thanks Hugh rn rn

  3. Ken Weavers
    2015-09-06 23:41:52

    Do you know if there would be two or three seats in the cab? Thanks.

  4. Brendon
    2015-11-04 14:01:53

    I work for a non profit organisation called Carnarvon Heritage Group in Carnarvon Western Australia. We have an Austin truck that apparently been used as a fire truck in the town. I am chasing any information on this viechle which I presume to be a k9 austin military truck. But I am unsure of the bonnet as it has three air vents as opposed to the two that seem common in most photos. The only reference to one with the three vents is a truck in the movie "The Last Grenade", but this truck in question is said to be a k2 loadstar. Any info regarding this dilemma is greatly appreciated.

  5. arwel
    2015-11-14 20:21:34

    Hi iv bought an Austin k2 lorry and am looking for parts can anyone help My number is 07541514050 thanks in advance

  6. Ian Kinross
    2016-02-15 03:45:59

    Hello I purchased an Austin truck a couple of days ago and would like to be able to find some information on it.
    It has 129N on the bonnet and it ihas a four cylinder motor
    Regards Ian Kinross.

  7. Moe Herbert
    2016-05-01 07:42:52

    Greetings , I am looking to purchase a late 60's or early 70's Austin/Morris/Leyland/BMC normal control truck rated at 3 ton or under. Flat bed or tipper is fine and good money available for the right vehicle. I am Sydney based but happy to travel Australia wide. Also if Ian Kinross checks out ebay he will find a sales brochure for the Austin 129N with full specs. It is certainly late 60's or early 70's and running the 2.2 litre 4 pot. Regards , Moe Herbert.

  8. Dorinel
    2016-10-17 20:22:35

    Hello. I have 2 truks for sale. 1 austin K2 loadstar (i think is military version) and 1 austin K5 4X4 8 ton; both is tow truck. contact me at

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