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On the base of the family Cargo a military line of the Stallion vehicles is manufactured. The Stallion MkIII (4x4) version is a standard military truck for a logistic operations fulfillment with a load capacity 5 t. The vehicle is equipped with a diesel turbocharged engine of 160 hp power and a 6-speed gearbox ZF. The high speed is 82 km/h. Stallion MkIV is an improved version of MkIII. The engine became more powerful and develops 177 hp power in this version. The gearbox is 6-speed ZF. The load capacity has stayed on the previous level.

Stallion MkIII / MkIVStallion MkIII / MkIVStallion MkIII / MkIVStallion MkIII / MkIV
Ashok Leyland Stallion 4x4Ashok Leyland Stallion 4x4
Stallion MkIII / MkIVStallion MkIII / MkIVStallion MkIII / MkIVStallion MkIII / MkIV
Stallion MkIII / MkIVStallion MkIII / MkIVStallion MkIII / MkIVStallion MkIII / MkIV
Stallion MkIII / MkIVStallion MkIII / MkIV
Ashok Leyland Stallion Mk 4
  1. Amitabha Pal
    2013-03-07 08:25:04

    I would like to see
    complete specifications of stallion MK III and MK IV (with dimensions of loading area)

    2013-08-19 11:02:41

    Tube applicable for the size & complete specification for Tyre & Tube also.

  3. jayaraj
    2013-10-03 09:45:32

    I am fan of ashok leyland stallion

  4. jayaraj
    2013-10-03 09:48:32

    I love stallion

  5. g selvaraj
    2013-10-25 15:04:41

    Pleas l want ashok leyland stallin BS lll sensor daigram.

  6. jitender paliwal
    2014-02-14 13:01:21

    i like ashok leyland stallin .my heart is ashok leyland.

  7. united group of solutions
    2014-05-13 19:35:34

    The king of kings....Ashok Leyland

  8. Sarin Tuladhar
    2014-06-09 13:44:08

    I have a strange problem in Ashok Leyland Stallion MK4. A warning light in the dashboard keeps blinking. The light is called EDC warning lamp (Electronic Diesel Control). There is no problem in the performance of vehicle though. Initially I thought it was because of the low fuel level in both the tanks of the vehicle but this wasnt the solution. I even consulted with the Ashok Leyland dealer here and even they werent able to solve the problem. If anyone could help me with this, I would be very thankful to them.

  9. D D Yadav
    2014-07-21 06:10:38

    İ want sensor diagram
    infirmation about sensor

  10. A Arul
    2014-08-23 14:29:55

    My favarts gadi ALS mark |||

  11. milind
    2014-10-01 21:04:10

    Pls sensors and achuator explain

  12. Kumar hiralal
    2015-01-03 11:41:45

    i want to know about sensors which is fitted in army vehicle Ashok leyland stallion model 2013 BS III.

  13. raja
    2015-01-05 16:29:47

    i have slow running problem. automatically engine off after acceleration. pls explain it.

  14. guneshwar soni
    2015-03-16 14:54:07

    I Want sensor diagram infirmaton about sensor & i want complete specification of stallion mk iv.

  15. Chinmay
    2015-04-11 01:45:46

    Is the AL stallion mk4 military specs available for sale to general public. If yes then what is the procedure to procure one.

  16. Nagesh
    2015-05-06 04:43:15

    I have a problem als sensor veh engine starting but raise the acc veh is not raising the RPM and off the veh once time veh is smooth running starting , pichup is ok pls help us.

  17. Prakash
    2015-05-13 19:30:53

    Please send defects in ALS MK IV and its remidies

  18. yogesh
    2015-05-20 09:12:28

    Veh eng crank but not start. Allredy check rotary soloniod and speed senser please send solution

  19. Basilnk
    2015-05-27 19:31:19

    Rear leaf spring system

  20. Balaram soren
    2015-06-22 16:52:27

    I want to EDC system circuit diagram pl send

  21. sajesh pp
    2015-08-04 09:21:25

    Sir one problem in als mk lll veh front wheel jam using apply position . Released after 10-15 sec.what is reason

  22. Radha Krishnan
    2015-08-11 05:46:40

    The ALS GS Veh sensor fitted having some problem about specification sensor. So I request to you pl send one chart of layout of sensors. Thank you

  23. vivek kumar
    2015-08-11 17:13:01

    I want to edc diagram

    2015-08-11 20:43:14

    please send me fault and repair activity of new ashok leyland stallion

    2015-08-11 20:45:26

    which side coming starting trouble in ashok leyland stallion BS-III

  26. suresh garje
    2015-08-12 07:38:43

    i want to view waight of tyre , gear box, and all heavy parts . pl send me a EDC checking software for ceck all the veh are faulty in wksp

  27. mani
    2015-09-14 20:13:45

    can I get electric sensor circuit diagram of MK 4

  28. dharmendra
    2015-09-24 21:55:09

    Engine crank and start for a few seconds but does not run.

  29. basavaraj
    2015-10-13 12:12:25

    new als fully wiring .sensor wiring daigram pls

  30. BVS Reddy
    2015-10-30 20:08:13

    please send me fault and repair activity of new ashok leyland stallion

  31. BVS Reddy
    2015-10-30 20:16:53

    Sir specially request, please send running defects in ALS MK IV and its remidies

  32. vinay kumar
    2015-11-05 07:14:33

    Sir pl brief with diagram sensor & actuators Of ALS mklll

  33. selva kumar
    2015-11-14 16:57:04

    I want ECM Pin out diagram BS-III mk-iv elactric wiring diagram .

  34. Anand patil
    2015-12-22 16:48:56

    Sir, head lights direct on when isolator switch on,please send remedies urgent

  35. Lavlesh kumar pandey
    2016-01-16 04:36:42

    I want to Ashok Leyland stalian MK iii &MK iv all systems with diagram

  36. Ramesh yadav
    2016-01-17 15:18:59

    engine start but engine not rais and off engine allfuel system chack and clean fuel system and bleed tha fuel system

  37. joydeb
    2016-01-23 23:27:43

    What is the reason for black smoke although aircleaer and fuel system clean

  38. thaniga
    2016-02-03 12:33:17

    Cover outer cat part no give me pl

  39. santosh walekar
    2016-02-11 16:36:41

    Veriy fine vehicle in hil area & Plean area

  40. Mainuddin
    2016-02-15 13:04:07

    Sir pls I want to learn about sensor

  41. naresh
    2016-02-16 18:04:10

    Sir i have new stallion sensor running defect and remadis

  42. vimal kumar
    2016-03-03 18:39:19

    EDC warning lamp blinking why reasion

  43. Srinivas E
    2016-03-11 11:58:15

    Sir, this vehicle very excellent for hill,s & plain area. This vehicle my favorite in Indian army.

  44. sangeeth
    2016-03-17 12:56:08

    Als mark III. Sensor.,relay ecm circuit give me

  45. avinash
    2016-04-07 06:58:38

    please give me all oil levels als mk-||| and mk-4

  46. Hav Ramesh Salaria
    2016-05-03 09:28:14

    PL send rate of Part No LV7/STLN X-7474500 Fuel Injection Pump (VP-37)

  47. praveen
    2016-05-04 15:47:54

    I have slow running problem.automatic engine off after accelaration.pls explain.

  48. bimal yadav
    2016-05-10 09:32:22

    Pl sand sansar diagram. Ranning defects and repair.

  49. Rajanish pandey
    2016-06-27 12:52:11

    I want to know about senosr diagram

  50. Amir gurung
    2016-06-29 09:40:15

    I have a problems to work in this vehicle so please can u sent me all electrical sys introduction ewith diagram. So therefore i will b thankfully to you..

  51. Amir gurung
    2016-06-29 10:46:24

    Stallion iv not starting what is the defect?

  52. shyju maroli
    2016-07-12 07:36:44

    Sir one problem in als mk IV veh front wheel brake hard using apply the brake pedal but rear brake is very smooth.Tell me what is the reason

  53. B Sanjay kumar
    2016-07-13 17:54:28

    Sir I know about sensor in ashoke Leyland lV please send me

  54. K malik
    2016-07-19 04:31:35

    ALS MKIV VEHICLE start and off within seconds please help me

  55. mani
    2016-07-19 15:31:39

    What's the reason als mk 4 pulling power weak?

  56. jitendra
    2016-08-02 09:50:51

    scan tool manual soft copy

  57. hanuman Gupta
    2016-08-11 08:36:17

    I want sensor diagram.information sensor diagramrn

  58. Ganapati gurav
    2016-08-15 21:34:35

    ALs mk lll tech data

  59. Prasanth.B
    2016-08-19 05:36:29

    Engine crank but doesn't run .causes and remidies

  60. Vijay
    2016-08-20 17:33:39

    What does 5/7.5 in the name stand for?

  61. Manoj k g
    2016-08-22 07:14:13

    I want sensor diagram and function about sensor BS11 and BS111 military vehicle

  62. Manoj
    2016-08-22 14:05:58

    Pl send function of sensor in BS 111 vehicle

  63. sagar jadhav
    2016-08-23 05:42:08

    I wants to know detail about stallion

  64. Gopal Singh
    2016-09-07 10:14:37

    Sir, what is the reason black smoke during high speed.. Fuel system clean and air cleaner cleaned rotary pump fine setting correct . Please send me correct reason

  65. Santosh Kumar
    2016-09-24 20:24:37

    Ashoka Leyland mark 3

  66. sudhanshu
    2016-10-23 09:24:45

    24V 21 W and 12V 21W

  67. A jegathish
    2016-10-27 10:30:53

    please say the possible causes for engine oil dialution in water/coolant

  68. jaisankar
    2016-11-28 16:27:51

    pls sent immediately als all oil capacity list

  69. saligram
    2016-12-13 07:39:27

    engine timing & Rotary pump timing set videos

  70. Dushyant singh
    2016-12-20 21:03:41

    Please send me tecnical data als mk-4abs

  71. dhanunjay
    2016-12-21 11:14:10

    I want sensor diagram and function about sensor bs111 military vehicles

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Ashok Leyland » Stallion MkIII / MkIV

I want sensor diagram and function about sensor bs111 military vehicles

Ashok Leyland » Stallion MkIII / MkIV

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