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The truck-line Cargo was assembled under the license IVECO. There were represented only five base models: 709, 909, 1412, 1614 and 2614 at the Indian market. They differ in a gross weight and engine power, what indexes show. For example, in the indication 709 the gross weight is 7.0 t (70 centners), and 9 indicates the engine power of 90 hp. The first two figures of the index 2614 specify the GCW 26 t. The trucks have durable frames with mixed riveted-bolted joints of crossbars and side rails, steel “day” cabs and sleeper cabs (the figure “1” is added to the main index, for instance 1614.1), 4- and 6- cylinder diesels Iveco of the capacity from 3.908 to 5.861 cm3, 5- and 6-speed gearboxes ZF, a spring suspension. As in European analogues the front brakes are disk and the back brakes are drum. The models 709 and 909 are designed for consignment transportation to small distances in the city limits. 1412, 1614 and 2614 operate with a full load on the routes of the middle and large length. What is more, only 2614 operate in the train. 1614 is produced as well in the chassis version to install a dump body on it.

  1. vaibhav amarnath
    2011-06-04 19:15:24

    i have a cargo 909 truck . i have fitted it with a mitsubishi fuso engine and gearbox . now i need the front headlights, tail lights and all tyres. but the 7.5 x 20 tyres are not available. i have been advised to change the drums so that i can fit other size of tyres. please advice on what size of drums i can change with, or any other alternative. i will be greatful.

  2. A S N GUPTA
    2015-11-11 10:03:34

    Ashok Leyland, model- cargo-759 is it obsolete now.

  3. A S N GUPTA
    2015-11-11 10:04:27

    Ashok Leyland, model- cargo-759 is it obsolete now.

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