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Constantly working on the improvement of the Ural 375D, engineers of the factory made the original design safer and more durable. The only major drawback was the engine running on high-octane gasoline. Ural started development of the own diesel engine in the 1960s with few prototypes were made. The decision came in 1969, when the government decided to build an engine factory in Naberezhnye Chelny to produce engines for KamAZ and Ural trucks.

The prototypes of the diesel engine YAMZ-740 were finished by 1972 and after hard tests were recommended to mass production for Ural 4320 trucks. The first Ural 4320 truck left the factory on the November 17th, 1977. The engine got designation KamAZ-740.10. This was the V8 powerplant with an output of 210 hp. In 1993, huge fire destroyed the engine factory, so Ural had to change the choice of engines. Since 1993-94 there was YAMZ 236 and YAMZ 238 under the hood of the 4320. The versions with YAMZ 236 engine had a regular hood, while the versions with YAMZ 238 — a longer hood. Since the mid-2000s, all trucks got the long hood.

The engine is connected with a 5-speed manual gearbox KAMAZ 141 and 2-speed transfer case. There is a winch under the front bumper. Top speed — 85 kph. Range — 800 km. Curb weight — 8440 kg. GVW — 13425 kg.

Early Ural 4320 were fitted with an all-metal cargo platform (similar to Ural 375D). In 1986, they got an updated platform with flat floor (version Ural 4320-01). The model was also available as a chassis for special equipment. In the mid 2000-s Ural 4320 got modern Euro-4 engines YAMZ 6565 230 hp (version Ural 4320-61) and YAMZ 536 285 hp (version Ural 4320-73).

Here is the list of versions (*the list includes versions of the base truck and chassis with index 4320 only, other modifications of the 4320 family you can find in the main catalog):

Ural 4320 (1977-1986) — flatbed truck with Ural 375D type cargo platform with width of 2690 mm. An updated cargo platform was installed since 1980. Engine — KAMAZ 740.10.
Ural 4320-01 (1986-1993) — with a new flat floor cargo platform. Engine — KAMAZ 740.10.
Ural 4320-02 (1989-1993) — flatbed truck with KAMAZ 740.10-20 220 hp engine.
Ural 4320-10 (1993-??) — flatbed truck with YAMZ 236 diesel.
Ural 4320-31 (1994-??) — flatbed truck with YAMZ 238 diesel. It has a longer hood and air filter located on the right side.
Ural 4320-30 (1993-??) — the version of Ural 4320-31 with longer wheelbase and wide ID-P284 tires.
Ural 4320-41 (2003-2012) — flatbed truck with YAMZ 236NE2 diesel.
Ural 4320-40 (2003-2012) — long wheelbase chassis with YAMZ 236NE2 diesel.
Ural 4320-61 (since 2013) — flatbed truck with YAMZ 65654.10 Euro 4 diesel. Payload is 6 tonnes.
Ural 4320-60 (2013-??) — long wheelbase chassis with YAMZ 65654.10 Euro 4 diesel, gearbox is YAMZ 2361. Payload is 10 tonnes.
Ural 4320-62 / -63 (2013-??) — chassis with YAMZ 65652.10 270 hp diesel.
Ural 4320-71 (2014-??) — with YAMZ 65654.10 Euro 4 240 hp diesel.
Ural 4320-72 (2014-??) — long wheelbase chassis with YAMZ 65654.10 Euro 4 diesel, gearbox is YAMZ 1105. Payload is 10.5 tonnes.
Ural 4320-73 (2014-??) — with YAMZ 53642.10 Euro 4 240 hp engine. Gearbox is YAMZ 1105. Payload is 6.5 tonnes.


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