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Italy: 1971 - 2015
This company was born out of the merger of two small manufacturers of 3-wheel trucks: Fratelli Brenna and Aermacchi scooters, and the Bremach combination was formed.

At first, Bremach produced 6 models of 3-wheeled trucks popular in Italy. In the 80s. this range was reduced to one 1.5-ton ND3R machine with a gross weight of 2.5 tonnes with a tubular frame and a closed 2-seat cab.

Since 1983, Bremach has been producing its most famous GR series (4x4) vehicles. The trucks have been modernized several times.

In 2008, a fundamentally new chassis with an impressive design was presented - the T-Rex. In 2015, the rights to T-Rex were sold to Tekne s.r.l. and Bremach went bankrupt.
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Bremach Job X2

Bremach Job X2

n/a - n/a
Bremach Brio

Bremach Brio

1993 - n/a


Bremach T-Rex

Bremach T-Rex

2008 - 2015
Bremach military

Bremach GR / NGR

1983 - 2006
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