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Spain: 1951 - 1978
In 1951, Edouardo Barreiros founded a company of its name and started production of stationary diesel engines and tractors near Madrid. In 1958, he teamed up with the British company AEC and the German company Vidal-Tempo to start the production of light and medium-duty trucks. A little later, he turned to the French company Berliet, from which he received molds for the cabins.

In the early 60s, the Barreiros model range was extended by new models with GVW of 13-32 tonnes and 4x2 to 8x4 wheel configurations, new cabins and diesel engines of its own design. Those models had beautiful names Victor, Halcyon, Condor, Azur and Super Azur.

At about the same time (1963), the American concern Chrysler bought out a part of Barreiros shares and began supplying Spanish trucks to European countries under the Dodge brand name. In 1970, becoming the full owner of the company, Chrysler transformed it into its own Spanish subsidiary called Chrysler Espana. The new heavy trucks got Dodge brand, while the former were produced as Barreiros until 1978.
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