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Italy: 1929 - n/a
Baribbi, a constructor of fire-fighting vehicles ever since 1929, had three factories in Italy which were located in Brescia, Cagliari and Rovereto respectively. In 80-s, the company had a total annual output of 300 vehicles. The quality and excellent performance of its vehicles, which were continually updated technically, had made the Company famous and renowned in Italy and abroad.

The company in fact exported approximately 50% of its annual output. The fact that all the Italian Public Fire Brigades used its fire trucks and engines was proof of the company’s leading position. Baribbi water/foam trucks were to be found in all civil airports, just like Baribbi off-road vehicles as well cross-country are used by the State Forestry Department to fight woodfires. Last but not least, Baribbi all-purpose vehicles serviced all the major oil and chemical manufacturing companies.
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