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USA: 1853 - 1977
In 1853, Jacob J. Rauch came to Cleveland and founded a blacksmith shop. Several years later, in 1860, together with his son he began producing horse stagecoaches and railroad cars. In 1903, the company began selling electric vehicles Buffalo Electric, and two years later developed and tested its own electric car. By 1908, more than 500 Rauch & Lang Electric cars had been produced per year.

In 1937, the company's name was officially changed from Baker, Rauch & Lang Co to Baker-Raulang. Along with the change of name there was a new line of industrial trucks. The company also produced a line of all-metal bodies for various specialized needs.

During the War, the company produced hundreds of bodies for reconnaissance cars and personnel carriers. Unfortunately, after the war, their electric trucks and forklifts could no longer compete in the market, but by 1947 the situation began to improve.

In late 1951, Baker introduced a new line of industrial trucks and forklifts and again became a major supplier to the US government, which was in the midst of the Korean conflict. Despite the fact that in 1954 the company Baker-Raulang Co. was purchased by Otis Elevator Co. In 1975, it was again sold to Linde AG, a large manufacturer of forklift trucks.
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