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USA: 1910 - 1957
Established in 1910, the Available Truck Company of Chicago produced approximately 2,500 specialty trucks over 47 years. This is one of few companies in the world produced cab-over-engine trucks during all the producing period.

The very first truck had a capacity of 750 kg equipped with a 2-cylinder engine, mounted under the driver's seat. In the 20s odels company produced trucks with a payload of 1.5-5.0 tons.

The model range in 30s included models with a capacity from 750 kg to 7 tons with streamlined all-metal cabins, as well as special chassis, fire trucks, and buses.

The post-war orientation of the company was cranes and construction 6x4 chassis which led to the fact that in 1957 it annexed by the C.C.C. comapny, who worked in the same field.
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Available C-series

Available C-series

1941 - 1951
1937 Available X-series

Available X-series

1937 - 1941

Available W-series

1933 - 1936
1931 Available

Available T-series

1929 - 1933



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