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Brazil: 1958 - p.t.
A long history of achievements and constant evolution mark the history of the company IRMÃOS AMALCABURIO LTDA, which began in 1958, under the name Gentil e Genir Amalcaburio, product of the entrepreneurial spirit of two brothers, who worked in painting and repairs for F.N.M. and Scania Vabis trucks cabs. In 1963, with fifteen employees, the company changed its corporate name to Irmãos Amalcaburio Ltda. The company’s business was not restricted to painting and repairs and broadened its scope to include the manufacturing of cab parts for F.N.M. trucks.

In 1974, with thirty-two employees, the company diversified and complemented the auto parts production line for Mercedes-Benz cabs, produced in series, thus following the growing business of Mercedes trucks manufacturing. The company, the only one in the region and one of the first in Brazil, initially produced around twenty products, among them bumpers, bumper supports, battery boxes, rear bumpers, mudguards, etc., thus conquering the regional and national market. The company has expanded gradually, machines were purchased, new employees were hired, the production line was expanded, the quantity of items was increased and customer segmentation became diversified.

Currently the company, which has more 340 employees and an industrial park of 120,000 m², manufactures and sells more than 1800 items, providing the national and international markets with cabs, forged and plastic auto parts, truck exhausts, hydraulic platforms and armored bodywork too. The company ships its products to Latin America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.
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